A Dog's Purpose


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A Dog's Purpose
Release Date:
26th January 2017
120 min
MPAA Rating:
Lasse Hallstrom
Cathryn Michon, W. Bruce Cameron
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A dog goes on quest to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes with multiple owners.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 72%
IMDb Rating 3.4


Bryce Gheisar as Ethan - 8 Years Old
Dennis Quaid as Adult Ethan
Josh Gad as Bailey/Buddy/Tino/Ellie
K.J. Apa as Teen Ethan
Peggy Lipton as Adult Hannah

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by larryhou 26th January, 2017

A Dog's Purpose smear tactic

Don't believe these people that were paid off or have an agenda regarding the success or failure of this movie. TMZ and others are scum for doctoring the footage. Go see it. The rescue animals deserve their recognition. Perhaps the dog was not used to the generated waves created by the machine. He probably enjoys swimming and jumping in pools of water. The handlers may have not been patient enough or understanding what the director was trying to accomplish. I'm certain that if you saw the tape of the dog after the scene was filmed, he was thrilled to be participating in the water scene. Did you happen to watch Kevin Costner's Wyatt Earp where there tossed the dog into a man-made river where the dog was doing everything it could to keep its head above water.

Reviewed by Jon Griffin 26th January, 2017

One of the most heartfelt movies I've ever seen

A Dog's Purpose is an awesome movie about a dog's love for their human. The movie literally portrays so many different ways that dogs are treated. A Dog's Purpose did an amazing job at building up raw emotion in a short amount of time. Very similar to the way we felt in Marley and Me. It is an absolute shame that this movie will be swept under the rug by many people because they believe everything they read on the internet. The videos show that "Hercules", the dog in the scene that went viral, was apparently being forced into the water. Hercules was chosen to do this scene because of his affinity to water. He was trained to jump in on the opposite side of the pool to what was shown in the video. After the trainer tried to calm him by letting him test out the water and the dog still was spooked, they stopped attempting the scene from that side. There were multiple people in the water if something happened. There was even a diver constantly under the dog at all times. However, PETA and every news organization does not want to report this because they just hop on a hot topic without any research. I have 7 dogs, 4 are rescues, and I used to work at a veterinary clinic, so I have seen so many cases of abuse and a dog getting wet is not a form of abuse. The movie builds a human's love for their dog, and it really portrays how a dog is truly a man's best friend. If this movie wasn't boycotted, I honestly feel like it could have led to many people adopting dogs from shelters so they can feel the same love that us dog owners have.

Reviewed by Natalie 24th January, 2017

The Truth Will Set You Free

I can't believe how easily people are brain washed by a gossip magazine! TMZ lied! They altered the video to make it look like the dog was being abused. Check the facts before you open your mouth!!! TMZ has come out with the truth and the director has also explained how the video was manipulated. PETA should not have a say in anything, after all they kill most of the animals that they actually "rescue." Get the facts from reliable sources not a gossip magazine! Don't blindly follow the crowd like sheep and be manipulated by what others say, do your research! I'm supporting this movie! The message it self is worth watching. #ADogsPurpose #gowacthadogspurpose

Reviewed by xdarkxcondor 24th January, 2017

Amazing Movie

Despite what TMZ and PETA have lied about. This is an amazing movie. I saw an early screening of it on January 18th and it is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I for one do not believe everything I see on the internet, therefore I had no reason to believe the video that "supposedly" showed animal abuse. Footage is very easily manipulated. People need to learn that. This movie is absolutely incredible, the story is amazing, and it made me cry at least five times. Overall I recommend the movie, and I recommend you not believe everything you see online. I had a great time watching this movie, I truly enjoyed it, I even plan to see it again when it is officially out.

Reviewed by Regina Zervou 23rd January, 2017

Give Hallstorm a chance

I just cannot believe Hallstom, the director of Hachi would harm in purpose any animal, especially a dog. He has made three films about dogs, he has made Hachi, the most lovely film about animal love. How can people forget it? How can people believe the first video they see? Haven't they realized yet that pictures not always tell the truth? Have you forgotten the story of the cormorant drown into petroleum that was supposed to be in the Persian Golf but turned out to be in northern Spain? How can some be so credulous? Im am afraid that the film won't get what it deserves because of people thinking too fast. I'll go and see it just the same, because I believe that Hallstorm deserves more than one chance more.