Atomic Blonde


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Atomic Blonde
Release Date:
26th July 2017
115 min
MPAA Rating:
David Leitch
Antony Johnston, Kurt Johnstad
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The crown jewel of Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service, Agent Lorraine Broughton (Theron) is equal parts spycraft, sensuality and savagery, willing to deploy any of her skills to stay alive on her impossible mission. Sent alone into Berlin to deliver a priceless dossier out of the destabilized city, she partners with embedded station chief David Percival (James McAvoy) to navigate her way through the deadliest game of spies.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 68%
IMDb Rating 7.2


Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton
Eddie Marsan as Spyglass
James McAvoy as David Percival
John Goodman as Emmett Kurzfeld
Toby Jones as Eric Gray

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tm-sheehan 4th August, 2017

Wham Bam thank you Mam

We really enjoyed this Action Thriller I was attracted to it being a fan of Charlize Theron and James Mac Avoy . It just shows what a difference fine actors and direction and most importantly a coherent script make to any genre of movie. It's clear we're going to see more women in these usually male dominated roles like Dr Who on our screens and that's great to see I hope we see more of Atomic Blonde Charlize dominates the screen you can't take your eyes off her, perhaps Atomic Bond next?

Reviewed by muslimbellydancer 31st July, 2017

I am Muslim and Lesbianism Did Not Offend Me!. I saw it without my son Muhammad.

I saw this movie without my son Muhammad because the Lesbian Scene is not suitable for my son. This movie is great,but only for adults. In 1989, on the eve of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the shifting of superpower alliances, MI6 agent James Gasciogne is shot and killed by KGB agent Yuri Bakhtin, who steals the List, a piece of microfilm concealed in a wristwatch that contains the names of every active field agent in the Soviet Union. Ten days later, Lorraine Broughton, a top- level spy for MI6, is brought in to be interrogated by MI6 executive Eric Gray and CIA agent Emmett Kurzfeld about her mission to Berlin. The day after Gasciogne's death, Lorraine is dispatched to Berlin to recover the List and assassinate Satchel, a double agent who has sold lots of intelligence to the Soviets for years and who betrayed Gasciogne. When she arrives in Berlin, she is immediately ambushed by KGB agents working for arms dealer and KGB associate Aleksander Bremovych. Lorraine then meets with her main contact, agent David Percival. After failing to find any immediate leads, Lorraine investigates Gasciogne's apartment and discovers a picture of him and Percival, and is then ambushed by the Volkspolizei. She realizes only Percival knew she was going to the apartment, and begins to suspect him of being Satchel. Lorraine also encounters Delphine Lasalle, a naive French agent, and enters into a relationship with her. Bakhtin declares his intention to sell the List to the highest bidder. Percival, having been tipped off, kills him and takes the List for himself. He then meets with Bremovych to arrange the transfer of the List to him, which Lasalle photographs. Percival offers to escort the defector who stole and memorized the List, a Stasi officer codenamed Spyglass, and his family across the border to West Berlin. However, he then shoots Spyglass and tips off Bremovych's men, and despite Lorraine's best efforts, Spyglass is killed. Percival then goes to Lasalle's apartment and kills her to cover his own tracks. When Lorraine arrives too late to save her, she discovers the photographs taken by Lasalle proving Percival to be Satchel. As Percival burns his safehouse and attempts to flee, Lorraine tracks him down, kills him, and takes the List. In the present day, Lorraine presents MI6 with the photographs as well as spliced audio recordings painting Percival as a traitor, and denies knowing the List's current whereabouts, forcing the agency to close the case. Three days later, she meets with Bremovych in Paris, revealing herself to be Satchel. Lorraine gives him a fake List, but Bremovych admits he knows she set him up. Lorriane kills his henchmen, and reveals she was manipulating events from the very beginning before killing him. She then meets with Kurzfeld, revealing herself to be a mole (more specifically, a triple agent) planted by the CIA, before returning with him to Langley. See It without Your Kids. NC-17 only.

Reviewed by Cole Waters ([email protected]) 29th July, 2017

Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde is one of the coolest movies of the year. This movie was action packed the whole way through. If you are wanting a rush in the movies this is the movie for you to see this summer. The movie was not the only good thing about the movie the acting was on point, the action was great, and the soundtrack was totally 80s. Thus was definitely a mind blowing action film. Parents this film has a bunch of sex scenes involving woman and women so I don't think this is a family film at all. This movie also has some of the best action scenes I have ever seen in a movie this movie was just non stop action packed fun. John Goodman was Fantastic in this, but he is good in everything he is in. If you like my review of Atomic Blonde and if it was helpful then go enjoy the movie. My score 10/10

Reviewed by Orcun Ulutas 28th July, 2017

Amazing musics and great movie

i've seen the amazing trailers and i couldn't wait to see the movie, especially the music.Charlize, James and beautiful Sofia totally great.The scene between Charlize and Sofia was breathtaking :) James was like always he has been, and Charlize WOW No:1 Female actress for me

Reviewed by Mark Durfor 13th July, 2017

Atomic Blonde Falls Short of Bond or Bourne

Undercover MI6 Agent Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is described as an expert in intelligence collection and hand-to-hand combat. In Atomic Blonde, Broughton is sent on a mission to Berlin on the eve of the collapse of the Berlin Wall to take down a ruthless espionage ring that is responsible for killing her boyfriend and fellow MI6 undercover agent. He was killed for an important document referred to as "the list" that contains compromising information about undercover agents and missions. There, she is forced to team up with embedded station chief David Percival (James McAvoy) who is not always on the same page as far as information sharing. Once in Berlin, the mission quickly expands from just finding "the list" to also revealing and eliminating the double agent crossing the KGB, the Royal Crown and the United States. Atomic Blonde is the full length feature film realization of the graphic novel titled The Coldest City. Written in 2012 by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart, The Coldest City chronicles the adventures of a spy sent to find a list of double-agents being smuggled into the West. An early review described Theron as "bigger and bolder than Bourne". Many have compared her character to the first real female James Bond. I found a couple problems with those comparisons. First, the action scenes and driving sequences in the Bourne movies were believable and flawless in their execution. While Theron was more than able to pull off the realistic and graphic fighting scenes, the driving scenes were enhanced by a computer in post production. And you can tell. Second, Broughton, like the 007 Agent to which she is compared, has a love interest in the movie. Bond is known for being quite the ladies' man with not-so-subtle innuendos and a PG to PG-13 scene of intimacy before getting back to the action and gadgets. Broughton engages with a female French agent named Sandrine (Sofia Boutella). This affair was not in the 2012 graphic novel, but the writers of Atomic Blonde felt it would set their spy movie apart from other ones and it would be an unexpected twist. Their affair was graphic, intense and gratuitous. While the Bond scene of love is titillatingly playful, the scenes in Atomic Blonde hinted at by the preview leave s little to the imagination and something that I feel works against solidifying Broughton as a viable contender to be in the same class as a Bourne or Bond character. Though I can excuse the affair itself as being a means to and end (information gathering), it still could have been done with a PG to PG-13 ambiance about it. All the things that are wrong about Atomic Blonde are showcased in the first 5 minutes of the film. The MI6 Agent is killed by the KGB in an unrealistic computer enhanced car hit, the first line of the movie drops an F-bomb (the first of many), and the next scene is Broughton naked in a tub and around the bathroom. I supposed the point of that was to show a bruised and broken Broughton; but, again, that could have done without the nudity. Atomic Blonde looked interesting and I agree we are overdue for a female version of a Bond or Bourne, but I do think they could have done so with more attention to the plot and the action and less on the nudity and sex that didn't make the movie any better. I went in with low expectations giving a timid 2 Star Prediction. I will say this, as the movie progresses, it does get better for me. The fighting scenes (and you can tell Theron is actually doing most of her own work) are quite realistic. The story is not unique. It's a spy movie, so the one you think is the traitor isn't, and even when you think you figured out the twist, there's another one. It's entertaining, but not innovative or new. Because of the fight scenes alone, I'm bumping this up to 2.5 Stars. Still disappointing, especially when it could have been a solid 4 to 4.5 stars had it not been for the car chases with computers, the nudity and sex, and the foul language that just wasn't necessary to put Atomic Blonde in the same league with Bourne or Bond. I think this is one to wait for on cable, but might be worth renting, but not spending the big bucks to watch in theatres.