Daylight's End


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Daylight's End
Release Date:
16th April 2016
120 min
MPAA Rating:
Not Rated
William Kaufman
Chad Law
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Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to try to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 0%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 0%
IMDb Rating 5.7


Chelsea Edmundson as Sam Sheridan
Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Chris Whitlock
Johnny Strong as Thomas Rourke
Lance Henriksen as Frank Hill
Louis Mandylor as Ethan Hill

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Flow 29th July, 2016

Consider its budget!

For a small budget production, this script was way over the number of pages you usually see. It had a plot, characters, ideas, good execution, good actors. One of my favorites is Lance Henriksen, I simply adore the man. From his sci fi early work to the horror side he adopted lately, he is just great to see on the screen. One of the most underrated actors in my honest opinion. And about the movie: you'll pretty much see full on action. A lot of gun power, some small hand to hand combats, and plenty of blood. Not gore, but blood. You'll see humanity, monsters, light and dark. It is a movie that will keep you going for sure. If you're into horror, or zombies and you wanna pass some time, this is a better way to do so. Cheers!

Reviewed by jason_leo 29th July, 2016

About the level of a average mad for TV movie

The movie was at the level of an average made for TV movie. The fact it had only one very known actor should have flagged this for me but i persisted on because of the average rating and the good review that i saw on IMDb however i failed to notice that the reviewer had scored it a 10. The movie was nicely shot but the story line was slow and their was not much character building. The movie is basically a rehash of every other similar plague movie i have seen but not in a good way. The film is instantly forgettable The ratings make you think its worth a watch but don't waste your time because you will want it back. If you want a better end of world movie there are tons to pick from

Reviewed by Philip King 28th July, 2016

I don't care what it was based on, just take it as it is.

Lots of fake reviews which is plain to see and an all too common event here on IMDb. Lol about time they realized that opening an account, reviewing one movie and giving it a massive big up only makes them look desperate. However one poster on the message board was shot down for mentioning I am Legend, but he was correct to mention it as it was the name of the book plus someone else said that I Am Legend was a copy of Omega Man making you think that was the original movie of the story from the book. but failed to mention Omega Man could be described as a copy of Last Man On Earth which was before Omega Man and also based on the I Am Legend Book. Some people need to move on and stop clinging to the past, when a movie gets old it doesn't always mean it is a classic. Some movies do stand the test of time granted but not all. Some just do not age well. The 1st/original isn't always the best as mentioned before Omega Man seems to be the one people mention rather than Last Man on Earth. IMHO Omega Man wasn't that special, just above average, as was this and the Asylum version I Am Omega which I thought was better than its IMDb rating by a long way, but when people see the name Asylum attached to a movie that automatically rate it down. Asylum do have a eye for making good zombie though;). The Z Nation series is a good and successful example. Season 1 of Z Nation I found more entertaining than season 5 of The Walking Dead. Anyway, I gave most of the movies mentioned above a similar rating of 6 with Last Man an average 5 and Legend was slightly better than the rest with a 7. Last Man on Earth seemed to drag like a 2 hour movie even though it was lest than 90 minutes. Yeah I know this isn't much of a review of the movie but it seems if anyone likes this movie they will always get shot down as being someone involved with it due to the dumb people involved with movies making blatantly biased reviews. I found the lead male actor was good when being bad ass, otherwise wasn't a very interesting character. The woman with the doll I think would of made a better lead female role. There was plenty of action, some nice infected people make-up but story could of been expanded and less based around one area. Had a promising start, a decent mid story which wasn't really followed to it's maximum and a bit of a lame ending. Would of been nice to see a flash back or a mention of how it all started too but over all I have seen a lot worse with a lot higher budget and this is one of the better ones in this genre. But yeah still just above average overall. Last Man on Earth 5/10 (IMDb 7/10). The Omega Man 6/10 (IMDb 6.6/10). I Am Legend 7/10 (IMDb 7.2/10). I Am Omega 6/10 (IMDb 3.3/10). Daylight's End 6/10 (IMDb 5.5/10). I Am Legend 2 (Now known as Untitled I Am Legend Reboot ?/10.

Reviewed by Aazoba Yuzuki 27th July, 2016

Not bad for a low budget film?

Usually movies like this and budget like this I would typically rate them at around 3-5. Yes the movie had some flaws like the guy that drove on an alley and getting himself trapped, that's a big LOL. For for the most part the movie was non stop action from beginning to end and acting wasn't bad at all. For some who might question why build a colony in the middle of Dallas during a plague/apocalyptic times, while I supposed you've never been in situation where when trouble starts (I was born in some of the most troublesome part of the world), majority of times, you' be stuck near your home/work/etc ...and have no time to travel far, but I know one thing, when you've built up a defense of some sort, you'll probably end up staying there, like the survivors on this film and what better place to be holed up in than a prison?! I just watch it as it is, and it surprised me as a better than expected movie, it doesn't have a high budget like I am Legend, but it's worth the watch

Reviewed by mksentinel 17th April, 2016

Action Packed Romp

If you like full throttle action sequences set in a Richard Matheson world, then "Daylight's End" is the film for you. Lucked into seeing this film at the Dallas International Film Festival last night and was highly impressed. I don't normally jump at horror films...but I did last night...10 times. Thanks to Will Kaufman and company my wife will now be mercilessly mocking me for months. The gun battles are epic and blow away most studio films. I would liken the gun play to being as cool as John Wick. You can tell their combat coordinator knows his stuff. All in all, this is a very fun movie and definitely worth the watch. One of Henriksen's coolest films in years.