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Release Date:
29th July 2016
100 min
MPAA Rating:
Meera Menon
Amy Fox, Sarah Megan Thomas
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Senior investment banker Naomi Bishop’s world of high-power big money is brutal and fierce, and one she thrives in. When a controversial IPO threatens the fragile balance of power and confidentiality, Naomi finds herself entangled in a web of politics and deception.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 78%
IMDb Rating 5.4


Alysia Reiner as Samantha
Anna Gunn as Naomi Bishop
Craig Bierko as Benji Akers
James Purefoy as Michael Connor
Sarah Megan Thomas as Erin Manning

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdesando 25th August, 2016

Learn about IPOs and be scared.

"As you become more successful, the gender barrier disappears. The credibility challenges you have during your growing up years starts disappearing when you start demonstrating success." Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Besides the obvious financial meaning of the title, Equity, this female-driven thriller shows how women can screw and be screwed in the Stock Market sweepstakes as well as men. Naomi (Anna Gun) is a senior investment banker in charge of securing the best IPOs for emerging companies, and the current one for the company Cachet has intrigue to make John le Carre envious. In most of the drama, directed by Meera Menon, Naomi is dealing with the usual shenanigans afflicting high-powered operatives (think Wall Street and Wolf of Wall Street with a bit of Margin Call and The Big Short): a lover, Michael (James Purefoy), who is a hedge funder with interest in sabotaging her current IPO; Samantha (Alysia Reiner), an assistant with ambition on her mind; and Erin (Sarah Megan Thomas) a prosecutor-lesbian who exists to make high-powered execs like Anna nervous. A disappointment is the feminine power motif. While Anna has an equal place at the table, there are times when womanly intuition causes her to pause for too long and feminine sexual politics seems to compromise the equity position I so looked forward to. Writer Amy Fox rather relies lamely on a boxing motif to show Anna's aggressive side and the number of chocolate chips in a cookie to reveal the misogyny that underlies some of the major events in the film. The pattern of inequity is counterbalanced by Naomi's speech about appreciating money and its cousin, ambition, but not enough to let the film slip into cliches about the vulnerability of women in the workplace. I'm just not sure Equity takes us much further than Working Girl when in fact real life examples abound about the pre-eminence of women in the work place. Mostly the film, while instructive about investment banking, is slow, lacking the zing of the trading floor and the tantalizing plot twists in the best Wall Street films. Maybe that's because in films men are still having most of the fun.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 10th August, 2016

Love the concept but did not like the delivery.

When I saw the trailer, it did peak my interest. It looks like Wall Street or The Big Short, but with a twist, as the woman is playing the main character. It's a little sad that that's enough to make this situation unique, but it is. The movie does really focus on the main character too. Well, actually there is a big ensemble cast, which all have their very unique story that really drives the story, But it does focus a lot on the development of those characters, and the story suffers for this. I just found the movie too slow in it's delivery of the story. I feel like I spent too much time waiting for the story to happen in-between getting to know the characters. It would not be that big of an issue but I don't feel the big pay off of the film. All the character development and I felt nothing for what happens to these people after the dust cleared. Equity was about business, but it was too much business. Too stiff, Too clean of a strike. Did not hit me like it should, which kinda sucks as it's one of those movies about cooperation that's pretty easy to follow, which is great. So yeah, a uniquely told story got me hooked but it's too bland for me to care about the outcome. http://cinemagardens.com/

Reviewed by jdunham-84686 6th August, 2016

Great break-through film on women (and men) in Wall St

Makes arcana of Wall St. and IPOs completely understandable and you just slide into the drama of the plot. The drama is inherent in the high stakes game, nothing feels artificial and it is not over-acted. The characters' motivations we have all seem many times before: longing for love, success, money, and self-justifications for bad behavior. Those are here in new combinations. The women protagonists are wonderful, and definitely not just because they are beautiful. In Q&A after, Alysia Reiner says film shows how Wall St. really is, and we wanted to make the film real, but really it is all very tough, physically and emotionally, with all kinds of (exciting) pitfalls. Jeanne Moreau would have loved to play one of these roles, though probably the women are not bad enough for her. Of men, we expect it.

Reviewed by stevegirod 4th August, 2016

1st ever Wallstreet power drama about women but not preachy just real

Go See "Equity" Ms's Gunn, Reiner, & Thomas do great job of portraying 3 very different powerful & ambitious women on Wallstreet. Each at very different stages in their lives. It is a very realistic feeling and slick movie. Amazing how great it is considering its an Indi! Good pace. Unusual and unpredictable ending. It does not sink into a Hollywood feminist rant. It just really makes you think. A "Hat Trick" for Ms Reiner for co starring, co writing , and co producing. How does one do all of that with such excellence? No car chases or explosions but if you are into great realistic drama w very good scrips and no moral axes to grind go see this movie

Reviewed by sailsfun 1st August, 2016

Go See This Wall Street Drama

This was an engaging, tense Wall Street drama where it is hard to tell who is good and who is bad, yet some how you like them all. Not like the usual money-is-evil movie. But rather a good look in the real lives of professional women on Wall Street or elsewhere. I have lived that life on Wall Street and in Industry. If a client seeks something outside the box, how do you maintain your integrity and retain the relationship. If there is an opportunity to pass just a tiny bit of inside information to a friend, what should you do? Different characters go different ways in this one. The actors were believable and interesting. The plot was tight and fast paced. The mystery was complex but comprehensible. The outcome unexpected. We found ourselves wondering what was going to happen to the characters and wishing for more. Please someone buy it and turn it into dramatic series!