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Release Date:
14th July 2016
116 min
MPAA Rating:
Paul Feig
Katie Dippold, Paul Feig
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Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 58%
IMDb Rating 5.4


Charles Dance as Harold Filmore
Ed Begley Jr. as Ed Mulgrave
John Milhiser as Higgins Student
Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert
Zach Woods as Tour Guide

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gizmo 11th July, 2016

A Terrible, Unfunny, Man-Hating Mess

Heralded by the most disliked trailer in YouTube history, and an embargo on reviews until pretty much the day of release by a panicked Sony Studios, the "Heaven's Gate" of supernatural horror comedies is finally here, and what a terrible, unfunny, man-hating mess it is. Like Paul Feig's previous movie, 'The Heat', this appears to be nothing more than a 'comedy' with all the comedy taken out: No jokes. No discernible plot to speak of. No memorable or likable characters. Terrible CGI. Possibly the worst theme song ever penned. Then on top of that the only black woman in the thing is a 'HEELLLL NO" racial stereotype 40 years out of date, and ALL the men, without a single exception, are exclusively depicted as either stupid or evil. I honestly hope this abomination is such a flop it sinks the studio, and so ever after acts as a warning to future film-makers not to cynically exploit beloved movies from the past for short term gain or presently fashionable political brownie points, but maybe instead try to make memorable movies of lasting magic and worth themselves.

Reviewed by Girlycard L 11th July, 2016

This movie made me so sad.

Now, keep in mind that I'm going to try to make this as least-hostile as possible. But when a movie is this hypocritical, bigoted, and ignorant, there is nothing good that can be said about it. Except for the people who were literally bribed into writing positive reviews. 1: This movie was stolen. Everything in this movie was stolen from the first two. All they did was literally take the first movie, and remove the action parts and the horror parts. 2: The sexism. This movie is probably the most sexist movie since Doomsday Machine. They replaced the entire main cast with only women to appeal to the radical Feminists. When your ideology discriminates against who you can cast in a role, that is called Fascism, and it's not a good thing. 3: The bland lobotomized token male. Pretty much the only main character who was a man was turned into a stereotype. He was useless, annoying, fake, had an IQ below sea-level, and was clearly trying to pretend to be Brad Pitt, but with none of the acting talent. He also only got hired because of his looks. 4: The racism. The only black character was turned into a loud, annoying, street-smart stereotype. 5: The CGI. It was terrible, and very cartoon-like. "Daffy Duck: The Early Years" 6: The acting. Not one single main character in the movie could act. Not one. It looked like a grade- school drama club. 7: The "comedy". Every single joke fell flat. I didn't laugh once at anything they said. Many of the jokes were sexist, too. The trailer is a perfect summary of the movie. Every single joke was dumbed-down because Paul Feig has no respect for his audience. 8: The entitlement. The cast and director have been throwing a hissy fit ever since people saw what garbage the first trailer was. They have been trying to claim that people who don't like the movie are sexists. No, no, no, no, and NO. People who think they are entitled to success because of their gender are sexist. The cast of this movie is sexist. The director of this movie is sexist. The people who hate this movie are NOT sexist. 9: So boring. This movie didn't take any chances, and didn't expand the Ghostbusters universe in any way. 10: The product placement. It was everywhere. There might not have been a single scene where they weren't advertising something in the background. It made me long for the days of Foodfight! In conclusion, nobody should every give their money to these lazy fatcats again. I for one am never buying another Sony product in my life. And if you pay to see this movie, you are a bad person.

Reviewed by StoryIsEverything 11th July, 2016

Avoid Like The Plague

I went into this movie with an open mind hoping that it would not be as bad as the trailers and TV spots suggest. It is. I really wanted this movie to surprise me, to make me laugh to make me care for the characters and have some investment in the story, but it failed to achieve any of that. What I saw was a two hour mess of a movie. An unfunny, poorly written, poorly edited, contrived cash-in on a beloved classic which has some of the poorest dialogue and worst performances I've seen in a while. The computer generated effects were like something out of a live action Disney picture. The music, in particular the theme tune was uninspiring and added no impact or energy to the movie. I honestly can't think of any redeeming qualities that this film has. After waiting so long for a new Ghostbusters film this comes as a major disappointment. Some things are just best left alone.

Reviewed by Stephen Lancaster 10th July, 2016

Dead on arrival

As far as the end result... ...the film completely fell flat across the board. I have nothing against the four leads. I more or less blame the writers, director and the studios choice of direction for the new Ghostbusters. The acting is some of the most stiff and cookie cutter I have ever seen. There were times when it really sounded like they were reading their lines. The actors did NOT mesh well at all and their interaction with all of the blue and green screen effects was lifeless and clueless. I was just lost with the approach on their attempted humor. I mean, it's bad. I don't know what panel sat around the table reading the script and laughed at it, but I hope they never do again. The effects were horrible. Every time, which was A LOT, they used a green screen, I found myself taken away from the movie. The film constantly contradicts it's own established continuity. One minute they can't kill the ghosts, only contain them, the next, they can. Just ridiculous. They even added a segment to the movie early on that shows the four girls poking fun at all of the hate for the film. I just don't think the studio gets it. More mocking of the very people they expect to pay top dollar for their product. Despite all of the sexist remarks towards the movie, the movie itself is EXTREMELY sexist against men and borderline racist. All men are portrayed as fools in the movie and in order to kill the final villain they have to shoot him in the crotch. It almost seems the team behind the film knew how stereotypical and sexist their movie was, so they capitalized on the sexism against the film in order to hide that. I honestly recommend wearing a padded glove when you watch this, IF you watch this. I have never face-palmed so many times during a movie in my life. I would not suggest this film to anyone except maybe children under ten years old and even then, it would simply be for a cartooned 3D experience. I wish I could find positives because I dislike being so negative about a film. I understand completely the amount of work that goes into something like this. Chris Hemsworth was probably the best part of this believe or not. I could see him leading a team of his own Ghostbusters in another version if written correctly. But I can't help but quote Jurassic Park concerning the very idea of this film. The filmmakers "were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should." I really did try to give this film a chance despite all of the negative hype. But, the film was not funny and does not stand on it's own. Honestly, the only thing that intrigued me was seeing the cameos from some of the original cast. I will add that if you were thinking you had seen the majority of the movie throughout all of the trailers, various clips, TV spots, etc., you would have been thinking correctly. Sony used all of what they considered to be the best material in all of the promotional releases. Let that be your red flag considering how poor the trailers were. If someone were to ask me if they should go see it, I would say, "No, but if you are curious, just wait for it to become available for Internet streaming." I don't think people will walk away from this movie afraid of ghosts. I imagine they walk away afraid of the movie and more so, the people who thought it was wise to make it in the first place. There is some irony here. Ghostbusters 2016 has literally become a ghost. It was dead on arrival.

Reviewed by keithbenicek 10th July, 2016

Is all they could do is rip-off the original classic??

Despite what you hear from a few Movie "Critics" that are notorious for selling (payolla) their reviews to the highest Studio bidder, the new Ghostbusters staring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Saturday Night Live standouts Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones is HORRIBLE!! We had a media showing last night and I thought I was going to be sick. The pace of the film is like molasses, the editing is amateur choppy, the acting is slapstick and the comedy is extra soft-porn SNL (Saturday Night Live). Yes I went in with considerable apprehension, but came out with a severe case of stomach cramps. As I said, the acting is abysmal, except marginally for Kristen Wiig, but that doesn't save this yawner. Melissa McCarthy has clearly become the female Adam Sandler / Mike Myers / David Spade (at his most obnoxious) and we can only hope that McCarthy fade into obscurity like the 3 aforementioned SOON! For a "reboot" of a classic, this film is pathetic. Ghostbuster Tampons is not worth your hard earned money for the price of the theater ticket. If you must see it, wait till it is on you free HBO or Showtime package .... and there is nothing else on even on PBS reruns. And "THAT is the View from the Balcony" (tm)(R) and all that other legal BS 2016.