God's Not Dead 2


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God's Not Dead 2
Release Date:
1st April 2016
121 min
MPAA Rating:
Harold Cronk
Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman
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When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her reasoned response lands her in deep trouble and could expel God from the public square once and for all.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 62%
IMDb Rating 3.3


Brad Heller as School Attorney
Maria Canals-Barrera as Catherine Thawley
Melissa Joan Hart as Grace Wesley
Pat Boone as Walter Wesley
Robin Givens as Principal Kinney

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Deon Ozzy Krause 15th June, 2016

Religious Propaganda - Avoid even if you are Christian

Instead of adding a coherent voice to the debate on Freedom of Religion vs Human Rights, it is an insanely one sided depiction of how Christians are persecuted for being religious. This plot is so laughable that it makes United Passions look like a critical look into how Fifa works. The close mindedness of this movie and its predecessor is cringe worthy and even some of my more religious friends complained about the plot holes, horrible acting and unfair representation of non-Christians. This movie provokes no thought and misunderstands what freedom of religion means.

Reviewed by spencerkberry 28th April, 2016

Remarkable Movie

A fascinating sci-fi alternate reality thriller with a fundamental reality twist that would put Hitchcock and the writers of the Twilight Zone to shame. Imagine a world where Christians were victims of oppression and persecution in the United States. As hard as it may have been to conceive of such an outlandish alternate reality (much less make a film about it), the team behind GND2 were Kubrickian in making this film. The idea itself is worth 10/10 stars on its own, all the way to its conclusion of an ordinary schoolteacher besting an Orwellian justice system. It puts everything in perspective, as the oppressors become oppresses (the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak). The film carefully parallels the persecution of non-Christians by seemingly earnest (but deceptive) believers, and completely switches it around! There were some faults, of course. Some of the legal jargon was misused (as it depicts a civil suit, yet the heroine is warned of criminal liability), and the presence of some expert opinions didn't really seem to be relevant to the case. Also, the dialogue did seem, well, unrealistic (but such is to be expected of Sci-Fi films). Overall, however, I felt transported to another dimension at the film's onset, one where Christianity was routinely shunned in the US. I felt as if I were really there. The one thing that stuck out, though was the audience: It didn't seem like a sci-fi prone audience, although the other viewers seemed even more convinced of this truth of this alternate universe than I was. I give it 8/10 stars.

Reviewed by blondlover 6th April, 2016

God Is Not Dead But Extremist Christians Are Dead.

Who are you all so-called religious christians to condemn gays and Free Masons and Non-Christians?. What Have The Christian Bishops,fathers & Priests Done In The Past Decades Except Exploiting The Rich For Their Own Welfare?. Those Priests,bishops and Church Christian members have made a great fortune from donations and most of the money accumulated has comeback to their pockets and to their big bank accounts?. Only very few poor people received very little amount of money!!!. The Free Masons Who Respect Jews,Muslims And Non-believers have been helping the poor and building the world unlike those so-called religious christians!. Every day we hear disgusting news of (religious) Christian men of the church abusing children in the name of Jesus!!!. We Have All Had Enough Of Religious Hypocrites!.

Reviewed by vlgraves-76464 3rd April, 2016

Propaganda Disguised As Truth

Some movies are meant to entertain. Some movies are meant to educate. A few movies are meant to deceive. This movie falls into the latter category. The "true story" is not true. It rests somewhere between "heavily dramatized for a gullible audience" and pure fiction. The film is a flagrant attempt to promote the "victim culture" which is increasingly prevalent among conservative Christians. It is a story of a teacher who was called to task for daring to discuss Jesus in the pubic school classroom. The producers seek to stoke emotions of outrage over what they purport to be discrimination against Christians who are not permitted to use their public jobs to evangelize in public schools. There is anger and outrage because teachers are told to check their religion at the door to the schoolhouse. What the movie does not explore is the common deceptions used by evangelical Christians to "sneak" their version of Christianity into the classroom with the intent to proselytize to their captive audience of impressionable young minds. It does not explore the fact that of Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and atheist parents send their kids to school to learn the ABCs and not to be indoctrinated by teachers determined to promote their particular brand of religion. It does not explore the reality that Constitutional prohibitions on proselytizing the classroom are there to protect Christians, as well as non-Christians. In short, the move does not entertain. It does not educate. It does however, mislead with a mastery which comes only with practice.

Reviewed by jojo k 3rd April, 2016

No one said God was dead

I watched this movie with no bad intentions, but to see it out of curiosity, but I could not stand this movie. The foundation of the movie isn't even real, teachers are allowed to cite the bible, it's completely legal as long as they're not preaching and trying to convert the students, if this was real life, Grace (the teacher who cited the bible to answer a student's question about Jesus being like Martin Luther King Jr.) would have never gotten in trouble. In reality, teachers aren't allowed to be preachers in classrooms so they won't hurt the rights of others. The first movie and this movie have the character from another culture and religion that gets slapped by their father and convert to Christianity. It's repetitive and an offensive stereotype. This movie is trying to play it off as Christians being oppressed by atheist politicians and that's not the case at all. Christian politicians make up the majority of the House and Congress. The cases that inspired the movie are frankly trash, they quickly ran them through at the end and I scanned them, and it was just homophobia, teachers promoting pro- life and Christianity, in which all of those violate the rights of others. The movie makes it seem like teachers are being crucified for being Christian, and that's not happening at all, what is happening is teachers getting reasonable consequences for hurting their students with homophobia and other things. In the end of the movie when Grace wins the case, the student says "God's not dead' as if people actually say that to Christians, I would never say that to anyone, not to a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or anyone because that's a violation of their right to believe in whatever they want. The movie would've made more sense if it was about a religion that was actually oppressed like Muslims or other religious minorities. No one can honestly tell people that Christians are oppressed, Christians oppress people. Gays, Transexuals, Blacks, and people of other faiths have been oppressed by Christian politicians in the past and present. Atheists are presented as cold, depressed, and Christian hating people.I don't mean to offend anyone, but this is honestly propaganda, it's the only way to describe the movie. Otherwise, the acting was alright Grace and her lawyers are the only real characters that matter and have somewhat of depth, but they're borderline Mary Sue and Gary Stu characters. The other characters are all tropes and cliches, the girl who converts in the end, quiet Chinese boy, sick pastor, goth girl who's secretly religious, the one black guy so they won't seem racist, but otherwise isn't important to the plot, and the famous band cameo. Overall, this movie had potential but propaganda got in the way. Apparently a 3rd movie is hinted and I have no hopes for that movie and I sadly have to give this movie a 1/10. Christian movies always get harshly reviewed, but this deserved it, there is movies like Facing the Giants that are beautiful and Christian but don't have harmful tropes, stereotypes and generalizations. God's Not Dead 1 and 2 is everything a Christian movie should not be.