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Release Date:
14th June 2016
114 min
MPAA Rating:
Allan Ungar
Allan Ungar, Rob Robol
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Former SWAT leader David Hendrix is down on his luck and has failed to receive medical clearance after taking a bullet on the job. Despite being highly trained and competent, his efforts have been reduced to routine tasks for the NYPD. As if things couldn't get any worse, he's been forced to babysit Brody Walker, a hard partying celebrity that's been sent on a mandatory ride along as part of his probation. Pampered and irritating, Walker is the last thing Hendrix needs. But all of that changes when a police training facility comes under attack by a team of ruthless mercenaries led by the mysterious Korver. Now, Hendrix and Walker must band together with the remaining survivors to fight back and keep the mercenaries from overtaking the compound.... if they don't kill each other first.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 0%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 41%
IMDb Rating 5.8


Cody Hackman as Brody Walker
Danny Glover as Sully
Dominic Purcell as David Hendrix
Stephen Lang as Korver

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 13th June, 2016

This has shades of Assault on Precinct 13. It isn't quite as good, but it is entertaining and watchable.

"Do you even know who this man really is?" David Hendrix (Purcell) is a former leader of SWAT who is now working the streets. When troubled movie star Brody Walker (Hackman) needs to take part in a ride along to not only save his career but stay out of jail David agrees to take him. Personalities clash, but when the training facility is attacked David and the rest of the force must not only fend off the attackers, but deal with past issues that threaten everyone. There isn't really a whole lot to say about this movie. It is a predictable B action movie but does have some pretty good action and is entertaining all the way through. Purcell is becoming a pretty reliable movie star and his movies are usually exciting. This has shades of Assault on Precinct 13 but isn't quite as good. On the other hand with all of the low budget action choices this is definitely one of the better ones. Overall, nothing amazing and not anything to rush out and see, but it is entertaining and watchable. I've seen worse from this genre. I give it a C+.

Reviewed by darrenmurray84 9th June, 2016

Great 90's Style Action Movie

I originally heard of Gridlocked through the website Twitch, who had said that it was like a throw back to 90's action movie. They were not wrong. Felt like I was watching an old PM Entertainment movie. The only thing missing was an appearance from Jeff Wincott. Originally I was a bit apprehensive, as star Dominic Purcell has not got the best track record. No fault to him, as he is always a welcome presence, but his films of late have been poor. This may be down to the fact that they have mainly been directed or produced by Uwe Boll. Luckily there are no such drawbacks this time round, with great production values, and excellent action scenes, this is definitely one of the better DTV actioners I have seen in a while. Performance wise, Purcell is his usual reliable self as the lead. Stephen Lang is great as the villain, although could have had a bit more screen time. Danny Glover gets limited screen time for his usual too old for this role. WWE superstar Trish Stratus still looks great and gets a number of decent action scenes, and Vinnie Jones is thrown in for good measure. The only drawback is Cody Hackman, as the film star that has to work with Purcell as part of his Community Service. He can be slightly annoying, and the fact that he is playing an A list movie star, it would have been better to get someone that has movie star quality. This is a minor problem, and with the rest of the movie being of higher quality than usual, its not much of a complaint. Surprisingly Hackman is a karate champion, but he actually doesn't really participate in a lot of the action in the film. There is a slight slow build to the siege part of the film, but once it begins it doesn't let up, with there being a number of violent shootouts taking place. The film definitely earns its R rating. The Director is going to be someone I will be keeping an aye on.

Reviewed by lathe-of-heaven 7th June, 2016

An update of the update of John Carpenter's 'ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13' (sort of) Lots of fun! Very entertaining Blu-ray: A:10 V:9

This movie was a real blast! So many times films like this are usually pretty disappointing to me, mainly because producers always seem to go out of their way to ruin stories like this with over-the-top 'acting' and artificially pumped up stupidity (does that actually make sense...???) Anyway, one thing that I really liked about the film, in addition to it's great @ss-Kicking all over the place, were the surprisingly intelligent characters and particularly the way the interaction between the two main guys was done. To me, this was by FAR the best performance of Dominic Purcell that I have EVER seen. I frigg'n LOVED 'Prison Break', but his acting was not even CLOSE to a highlight of that series (sorry man...) BUT... in THIS film, I actually felt that he came across far more 'REAL' as a person. I honestly thought that his acting has greatly improved with this role. I also really liked the guy they chose to play the 'Star'; he was absolutely PERFECT! In a role like this, it would be so easy to screw it up by him being over-douchey and stupid. But, I thought that the way that the film makers portrayed him being a punk, but at the same time showing a believable, sympathetic side to him, was nicely balanced. There was also a fair amount of rather clever humour that worked pretty well. So, all in all, I really found the movie to be very entertaining, not so over-the-top that it ruined it either character wise or otherwise. And, the action was pretty good too. All the 'Bullet Ballet' stuff (as another reviewer here mentioned) was done fairly well. Probably the only slight thing that I would mention in my lowly and wretched opinion, and maybe this is just my personal preference, is that SOME of the action I felt was a bit heavy handed with the fast, quick edit stuff. I've never really been a fan of that. It wasn't as bad as many films are in this area where you can't tell what the hell is going on, but for me personally, I think that if they had taken a BIT more of a classic, traditional approach (such as in the Carpenter film) and gone for just a TAD more of a pulled-back, classic, more moodily choreographed approach, just a BIT, and cut down a LITTLE on the tight, fast edited close action, I personally feel that that would have elevated this film almost to cult status. If you wanna be bitchy about it, the last act probably COULD have been tightened up just a bit to give it more punch, but that is just a super MINOR thought, no biggie... I really liked this movie and I personally found it VERY fun and refreshing, especially with all the destructively stupid, extreme crap that Hollywood continually tries to force down our throats. It was most engaging, the characters were intelligent and believable (something NOT usually done very well these days) and the action was great! I genuinely feel that this film does pretty much EXACTLY what it sets out to do, and does it far better than most...

Reviewed by hueyshadwell 15th October, 2015

Sharp Comedy and Balls-To-The-Wall Action!

As a fan of 80s and 90s action movies, I had an absolute blast with this movie. Fans of that era/genre will no doubt love this movie and all that it has to offer. The film stars Dominic Purcell as David Hendrix, a hardcore, highly skilled detective forced to assist Hollywood actor Brody Walker (Cody Hackman) with his court-mandated sentence. After a recent run-in with law, Walker has been sentenced to ride along with a police officer instead of doing real time in prison. The gruff, no-nonsense Hendrix and the smart-ass, wise cracking Walker definitely butt heads, but are forced to put their differences aside when a criminal attack occurs at a police station. This highly lovable throwback by writer/director Allan Ungar, who co-wrote the film with Rob Robol, wears its obvious influences on its sleeves, but has enough original and modern charms of its own. The film may deliver plenty of laughs, but the violence and action does get gruesome and realistic. Still, Ungar and Robol do great work in balancing the two, though a small amount of the jokes fell flat for me. The movie boasts an amazing cast in addition to Purcell and Hackman which includes Stephen Lang, Trish Stratus, Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, and Saul Rubinek. If my positive review still hasn't persuaded anyone to seek it out, three words: Funky Cold Medina!

Reviewed by towerjm80 2nd October, 2015

Action Packed!

David Hendrix (Dominic Purcell) is a toughened street cop who has been saddled with spoiled movie star Brody Walker who is serving community service for DUI's. David takes Brody to visit his home base, a protected training facility for the Strategic Response Team. Unknown to them, something of great value is being vaulted inside the facility and their visit is interrupted by a group of mercenaries that lay siege to the building. The film's premise shares some overlap with films like Assault on Precinct 13, it is the action film equivalent of a home invasion thriller; however Gridlocked has a tone and feel that is distinctly its own. This film is a sleek and fast paced actioner that ratchets up the stakes with every scene. Gridlocked only suffers a little when it crosses its core 'protect the building' premise with the buddy cop elements. Cody Hackman's fallen-star character Brody Walker seems strangely divorced from the main action once they come under siege and gets a little lost in the shuffle. It would have been nice to see him more involved and learning from his experience.