Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Release Date:
24th April 2017
137 min
MPAA Rating:
James Gunn
Dan Abnett, James Gunn
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Set to the backdrop of 'Awesome Mixtape #2,' Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team's adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill's true parentage. Old foes become new allies and fan-favorite characters from the classic comics will come to our heroes' aid as the Marvel cinematic universe continues to expand.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 89%
IMDb Rating 8.2


Bradley Cooper as Rocket
Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord
Vin Diesel as Baby Groot
Zoe Saldana as Gamora

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas Tang 24th April, 2017

The Guardians Strike Back

I was lucky enough to see this on 20/4 at an industry screening which allowed me to sit on the film for a few days before I gave a review. I can safely say GotG Volume 2 absolutely wowed me. I can't believe these bunch of lovable misfit a-holes made one of the most MATURE themed films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is visually gorgeous. The use of colour, design and the straight up imagination of the source material outstand any MCU film prior. The action is glorious and astonishing. One scene in particular, I was jaw-dropped in its entirety as direction, action-choreography and music all came together so harmoniously. And THE MUSIC! What an eargasmic soundtrack. The songs are more poetic this time around and fit the subtext of the film perfectly. The trailers gave me the feel of the first movie; a straight-up Sci-fi action-comedy with a simple point A to B plot. GotGV2 is so much MORE than this! This film is patient with its characters and there is an emphasis on growth and family. It manages to balance 7-8 characters and gives almost all of them a satisfactory emotional arc. There is so much to chew on here with the issues and motifs felt by certain characters and I applaud that! This film is vastly different and I'm glad because I just love these characters so much! They are still so fun and energetic. It's great to see the team again and how their dynamic transforms. Also I forget to mention, the film is laugh-out-loud funny! All thanks to Drax who is by far the most comedic character and put me stitches. Overall, this was both (I can't believe I'm saying this about the Guardians of the Galaxy) an emotionally dense and exciting blast. If Guardians 1 is the fast-paced Sci-Fi adventure like Star Wars was in 1977, then Vol. 2 is the deeper & richer film that takes its time to expand our beloved characters; just like Empire Strikes Back.

Reviewed by Miroslav Kyuranov 24th April, 2017

Crazy Trip to the MCU Cosmic World

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is freaking good from the very beginning till end! If you like the first chapter, then you'll definitely love Volume 2. The relations between every character evolve and every one of them got a special moment in the movie. Now, we all knew that Baby Groot is adorable and predictably he'll stole the show, but man...Drax, Rocket, Gamora, Nebula, Yondu even Mantis they're all awesome in their way. Of Course Star Lord makes what he can do best, leading the group of a**holes. The cinematography, the stable and funny story, the brilliant colors, that James Gunn added to this movie are just fabulous! The comedy is totally on point. Action scenes are great. The music? Well you can listen the GOTG Vol.2 songs over and over again and they all works perfectly in the context of the movie. Phase 3 of MCU is very strong first with Civil War, then Doctor Strange and now Guardians doesn't disappoint at all. This is truly one hell of a movie and you MUST watch it at any cost! Don't leave the theaters till the very end of the final text of the credits, there're a few surprises.

Reviewed by mcknz20 24th April, 2017

As good as the first?

When you hear the words 'as good as the first' it is often met with skeptical ears, however, I think your friends will be pushing for you to go with them again to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 as it is definitely as entertaining as the first, if not better (shh don't tell). With the intense action scenes, met with the classic one liners, tied in with the classic soundtrack your dad would dance awkwardly too, this film is definitely one for your friends and family to rave about. The acting was in parts a bit over the top and a little try-hard-like with the humor and some characters had grown a somewhat over the top personality since Vol. 1, but the hilarious lead acting of Chris Pratt as Peter and the bad*SS support of Zoe Saldana as Gamora made you not care about previously stated issues. Marvel continues to pump out the action-packed blockbusters that kill at the box office and Guardians vol. 2 will definitely follow those steps. Compliments to director James Gunn! Be right back queuing again..... 9/10

Reviewed by Tanuj Parakh 24th April, 2017

A Mixed Bag

Let me start by saying that I'm still unsure how I feel about this movie. And before I tell you about the movie, I feel compelled to tell you that I went to watch this movie with 15 excited fans of the first movie - 5 of which were comic book readers and the rest (you do the math) had watched the first one and couldn't wait to watch the sequel, but are not comic book readers. Now, remember this, because I'm going to give you some of their reactions at the end of the review. OK, now let us begin with the actual review. If I'm to put it in one sentence, I'll say that it was fun, but not that much and that it was a one time watch. Star Lord and the gang start off with the usual shenanigans that have you laughing, sipping your coke, eating your popcorn happily and adoring little Groot. The beginning of the movie is pretty much what the trailer shows us. James Gunn made us fall in love with the GoTG in the first film and in this film, he gives us more reasons to care about them as we delve into each of their pasts. The not-so-subtle theme of family is cute, but at times forced and feels like...and I quote one of my fellow movie-goer friends - "Fast and the Furious in space". For me this movie was driven solely by the characters and not by the story. While watching the movie, I realised that all of THIS would be better as a TV show. At one point in the movie I was like, yeah this is great, I'm laughing, but where is this going? It all seemed pointless some 45 minutes-1 hr into the movie. I had a Batman v Superman Deja Vu (only this Deja Vu was shorter and colourful). The movie suffers greatly due to the lack of a good villain and forced cheesy dialogues. Towards the end, I was like "Man! This is Flash and Arrow level of whining." Fortunately, the characters keep you interested and for my Rocket is the real MVP of the whole movie. I friggin loved every line he said. Drax was awesome as ever, Groot was bloody adorable. Gamora was under-utilised, Quill was funny (that's it). Amongst the other characters, Peters dad was decent, Yondu was great and Mantis was good in the limited role she had. Im sure there will be others who will reach the point i reached in the movie when i thought it was going nowhere, but might be happy with the movie overall all as there is a big emotional payback in the end of the movie. For me, that was not enough to hide it's short-comings. Loved the END (the proper end, not the villain fight - I thought that was okayish and predictable, but funny nonetheless). All in all, a decent, funny movie, that is led down by the weak writing. It doesn't quite live up to the benchmark set by the first part. Oh and out of the 5 post credits scene, the 4th one is the important one. Ratings - 6.5/10 PS - Here are few of the reactions from my friends - Comic book reader friend 1 - "That was so much fun" Comic book reader friend 2 - "I liked it, but could've been better" Comic book reader friend 3 - "So funny" Non-Comic book reader friend 1 - "Bro, you didn't tell me we were watching Fast and the Furious in space" Non-Comic book reader friend 2 - "Garbage" Non-Comic book reader friend 3 - "One time watch"

Reviewed by Harun Karali 24th April, 2017

As funny and charming as the first

As someone who was floored by the first film, I was eager to see how the second installment in Gunn's trilogy(yes, it's a trilogy now) would pan out. To be honest, I was a bit anxious, as we are familiar with Hollywoods track record when it comes to sequels. However there are rare moments when the sequel lives up to it's predecessor. As is the case here, as Gunn delivers the same charm, humor and emotion as the first film. The big difference is the focus on Peter's story, As our heroin meets his long lost father Ego(brilliantly played by Kurt Russell), who shows up at the knick of time, as Rocket pisses off Ayesha(Elizabeth Debicki) who sends a space armada after them. To add the cherry on top of this pie is the soundtrack(Sam Cooke's Bring it on Home to Me), that was meticulously chosen. If you were a fan of the first, don't doubt, Gunn delivers a space opera that lives up to it's hype. I have high hopes for the future of the MCU, it's clear that the studio let Gunn's creativity speak for itself and boy did he have a lot to say.