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Inside Out
Release Date:
9th June 2015
94 min
MPAA Rating:
Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen
Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen
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Growing up can be a bumpy road, and it's no exception for Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in San Francisco. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her emotions - Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). The emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Riley's mind, where they help advise her through everyday life. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, turmoil ensues in Headquarters. Although Joy, Riley's main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school. -- (C) Pixar


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 98%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 89%
IMDb Rating 8.3


Amy Poehler as Joy
Bill Hader as Fear
Lewis Black as Anger
Phyllis Smith as Sadness
Richard Kind as Bing Bong

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rstein926 10th January, 2016

One of the worst and boring Disney films period!

I have not seen every Disney Pixar film. The ones I have watched are the Toy Story films, Monsters Inc and it's sequel Monster University, a Bugs Life, Cars, Finding Nemo & The Incredibles. The ones I have not seen are Wall-e, Ratouttlie, Brave, Cars 2 and The Good Dinosaur. Most of the ones I seen were either great or not bad. My favourite Disney film is the Lion King followed by the Jungle Book (1967) and Pinocchio. But this film is one of the worst and boring Disney films I have ever seen! The film is about a little girl named Riley who moves to a new home in San Franscisco after her dad gets a new job and her mind is controlled by a group of creatures known as 'emotions' who get her through everyday life but two of them Joy and Sadness end up in the bowls of Riley's mind where old memories are stored and without them especially Joy Riley's life is misery at home and school. This film was just awful. This film may be family friendly but the film is nothing like a film for children. There is very little comedy and is more adult-themed than the other Pixar films. It is my opinion also that this film shares similarities to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Exorcist and The Land Before Time. Like in Snow White the emotions have names matching that of their personality. For example Joy is all happy and optimistic while Sadness is like Eeyore by being downright miserable. Like Regan McNeil of The Exorcist Riley is processed in her mind but by the emotions and not a demon named Pazuzu while her parents and presumably everyone in the film are also processed by emotions. The film's sub plot where Joy and Sadness try to get back to headquarters is a throwback to the Land Before Time where Littlefoot and his friends try to find the Great Valley. I also felt the film was rushed and none of the characters apart from Riley, Joy and Sadness get much screen time. Even Anger, Fear and Disgust hardly get involved in the film. Disgust arguably was the emotion who got demoted to extra. The film was as I said rubbish and how people loved this film has left me stumped. To me this film does not deserve a sequel as this film is just not good enough for one.

Reviewed by Tracieew 19th November, 2015

Worst one ever

The film was awful and extremely boring. It was just so depressing and sadness was possibly the most annoying character ever conceived...why why why did she have to keep touching things after she was told over and over not to, just irritating. It got to the point where I was dreading the character coming on the telly. Animated Disney/pixar films should stick to what they are good at and that's making children (and adults) happy. Yes they can have a moral lesson and sad bits but the general overtone is happiness not depressing characters inside another depressing character that I couldn't care less about. Should never have been made, should have saved their money. Im very sad that I can never get back the time I wasted on it...I could have watched paint dry.

Reviewed by sweetsmile-90907 14th October, 2015

Pixar, how far you have fallen...because this movie was terrible. Really.

There are a few reasons why I consider this movie terrible and why I find it so horrifying that it's current rating is 8.5 when Spirited Away--one of the best animated movies ever created--is sitting at 8.6. Long story short, the characters were for the most part difficult to like. Joy was thoughtlessly cruel and condescending to Sadness and the other emotions, and Riley--the girl we're all supposed to love and find easy to relate to--was extremely obnoxious/egocentric and rubbed me the wrong way for the entire movie. I resented the stereotypes that were used and found them more than a little insulting. For example, Riley has an "imaginary boyfriend" at the age of 12. I don't know about you people, but I find this extremely concerning. 12 year old girls should NOT be thinking that they should have boyfriends at their age--while it may start out innocent, it can unconsciously encourage premature sexual thoughts and activity, which is EXTREMELY unhealthy and dangerous at their age. Also, I don't personally know any girls (including myself) who ACTUALLY had imaginary boyfriends. Ever. Let alone at 12! And don't even get me started on the imaginary friend Bing-Bong. BING-BONG! That's actually his name! I found him irritating and, frankly, disturbing. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure young children will LOVE this movie, and maybe some parents and teenagers as well. However, on the whole, I would NOT consider it up to par with other Disney Pixar movies. It was compared to "UP" for Pete's sake--the movie that had EVERYONE crying within the first 10 minutes! It was an enormous let- down for me, especially since all the raving had really caused me to build it up, which made it all the more disappointing. Therefore, watch at your own peril. Consider yourself warned.

Reviewed by bwanabeast91 26th July, 2015

Inside out worst pixar movie

talk about lack luster in this movie and lack of joy , i had to endure watching this movie which had an awful plot , about some little girl with emotional center something goes screwy and she gets depressed and almost leaves home only to learn crying is good at the end . like how does that appeal to everyone ? talk about boring .The animated design for the characters was good but seriously pixar get your stuff together you had so many classic movies that would make this look like a piece of crap e.g wall-e , Up , incredible , monster inc, monsters university , brave, toy story1-3, ratatouille etc . Please bring those kinds of movies with great plot and fire the writers and director who wrote this movie . they should never set foot in the pixar company EVER!!

Reviewed by val velocity 28th June, 2015

Meet the Little Voices Telling You to Leave the Theater

I am genuinely confused as to why people are calling this "Pixar's Best" or an original concept. Pixar has done far better than this and even the mediocre 'Brave' and 'Cars' are far better. Not only is the concept of 'people controlling your brain' tired and used multiple times, they managed to make it even more boring. There is absolutely no nuance in this film. The characters, (joy, anger, fear, disgust, sadness), are a visual representation of their emotion. I mean seriously, do they understand subtlety at all? Anger literally catches on fire, sadness is blue, and joy looks like every boring same-faced cartoon princess. Not to mention none of the emotions look like Riley, the little girl. This is even more of a flaw when we later see the emotions in other characters heads, (Riley's parents, her teacher, etc.) who look just like the person whose brain they inhabit. Why would Riley be the only one whose emotions all look nothing like her? They took an old concept, made it incredibly literal, and then botched it up with inconsistencies. Aside from the boring concept, this movie is way too complex and depressing for children. The plot is nearly nonexistent and the most constant thing throughout is joy and sadness attempting to get back to the control center of Riley's brain after being sucked out by accident. Other than that its all very dull and if it doesn't make you cry, you'll probably fall asleep. There are, from what I remember, no laugh out loud jokes. Way too much time went into world-building and showing off the various landscapes and rooms of Riley's mind for there to be any actual storyline. Everything felt extremely dragged out and joy and sadness ran into obstacle after obstacle trying to get back to the control center. Finally, Riley tries to run away and it just so happens that joy returns and fixes everything before she has the chance to get too far. Not only was it absurd for an 11 year old girl to try and take a bus back home, it was far too sad the way the whole thing was shown. There were so many random characters introduced for 5 seconds which served no purpose other than to lighten the mood, and they failed at that too. Bing Bong the imaginary friend who was a furry pink elephant was out of place and his design was really uncreative. When he died, I honestly felt relieved not to hear his irritating voice any more. He had no personality or character development and therefore there wasn't any reason to feel sad when he died. Unles of course you're a little kid in which case the whole thing was way too heavy. Either way its a definite miss. And for those saying only psychology majors can enjoy this movie, that's not true. I can't imagine anyone honestly liking this movie. Aside from the complete inaccuracy of anyone feeling only one emotion at a time, everything about this movie was casually ableist. The portrayal of depression as being something small and easily gotten over was incorrect and terrible. Even the advertisements ("Meet the Little Voices Inside Your Head") felt like an insensitive joke towards people with schizophrenia or other disorders who have auditory hallucinations. Overall, I would not recommend this movie to anyone. Too depressing and confusing for kids, too boring and literal for adults, this movie is enjoyable by no one. Pixar did not please its intended audience, nor did it please the grown ups. The one redeeming factor was the animation, which was good but all the designs were so uncreative that good animation couldn't save it.