Jane Got a Gun


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Jane Got a Gun
Release Date:
1st January 2016
98 min
MPAA Rating:
Gavin O'Connor
Anthony Tambakis, Brian Duffield
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Jane Got a Gun centers on Jane Hammond, who has built a new life with her husband Bill "Ham" Hammond after being tormented by the ultra-violent Bishop Boys outlaw gang. She finds herself in the gang's cross-hairs once again when Ham stumbles home riddled with bullets after dueling with the Boys and their relentless mastermind Colin. With the vengeful crew hot on Ham's trail, Jane has nowhere to turn but to her former fiancé Dan Frost for help in defending her family against certain destruction. Haunted by old memories, Jane's past meets the present in a heart-stopping battle for survival.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 38%
IMDb Rating 5.8


Boyd Holbrook as Vic Owen
Ewan McGregor as John Bishop
Joel Edgerton as Dan Frost
Natalie Portman as Jane Hammond
Noah Emmerich as Bill Hammond

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ari Mengel 20th March, 2016

Who's got a gun?

Jane's got a gun. No there ain't gonna be that song by Airosmith anywhere in the movie. The movie is average, pretty good acting, hot Natalie Portman is a major plus. But the story is a one dumb ass story. Get a load of this -A hot chick lives with a young guy. Guy leaves. She is pregnant with his child -The daughter is born. He doesn't write letters. She thinks he's dead. She decides to move to Cali. What does she do?? -She hires a gang to transport her and her daughter to Cali or whatever -Gang leader thinks to use her and her daughter as sex workers. -One guy in a gang falls in love with her. He kills couple of gang members, steals Natalie from Big Boss and tells her that the gang killed her daughter -Natalie seriously cries and they leave to live happily ever after somewhere -They guy and Natalie have a new child. Also a daughter. Coz strong women give birth only to daughters. We all know that. Coz women have power. But they need protection. -Then one day the guy comes home all messed up shot up and bleeding. He tells Natalie that the gang is onto him and they are coming to kill him -Natalie as it says in the movie title Picks up a Gun, but now she gotta find someone to help her.. once again Guess who does she go to?? You would never guess Remember that guy who left in the beginning?? Yeah.. he came back and lives like 10 miles from the house where Natalie lives with this gang guy who stole her from the whorehouse -So Natalie comes to him and says.. yo dude.. i like really need your help. -The guy is obviously upset, coz it seems he already knew about Nataly living with that gang guy and was quite upset about it and already had a talk with Natalie about the whole situation before. Natalie told him before that she has new boyfriend now, she is a free woman and you can't control me. So GTFO of my face etc etc But now she is all up in his face asking for help. And that's cool Coz Jane's got a gun. The guy tells her to GTFO. And she does. But later she gets caught by some gang dude in the alley and almost gets killed and raped but is saved by that old boyfriend of hers, who apparently changed his mind. So now they are sort of back together. They go back to her place where that new boyfriend of hers is lying in the bed wounded. And right at this moment the old boyfriend teaches Jane how to shoot guns but she can't shoot guns. She drops the guns and picks up a rifle and shoots a rifle right at the target. So now Jane's got a rifle coz she can only shoot rifles. Coz she says it's for the rabbits. To hunt them. That's why she can shoot rifle but not hand guns. Coz hand guns are for killing people right?? LOL So.. in the end they kill every gang member. The old boyfriend conveniently dies in the process. And check this out.. Remember that first daughter of her that was supposedly killed by gang while she was at the whore house?? The gang leader says that her daughter is alive and is still working at the whorehouse. So they kill the gang leader and go get her daughter. So in the end Jane's got both of her daughters, old boyfriend, all guns and the bounty for the gang members. I wouldn't be surprised if she planned it this way from the beginning.

Reviewed by Mr. Smith 11th March, 2016

Heck of a Western

Heck of a Western, I expected it would be good before I viewed it when I saw Joel Edgerton had a major role in the movie Edgerton can really bring it as a lead or support role. And he didn't disappoint. But I was extremely impressed with Portman. She has picked some stinker roles in the past however she proved IMO she is no longer just the pretty face and she has honed her craft to be a very good actor. Blows my mind that IMDb is only giving this movie a rating of 5.9 I am a big fan of westerns and I don't hand out high ratings with a whim or fancy. Good to see Ewan McGregor in a small role. I thought he nailed his part, as well.

Reviewed by lcastilla 8th March, 2016

A rare Western jewel

I was unpleasantly surprised by the bad reviews that Jane Got a Gun has received in the US by "experts". I'm a fan of Western movies and was delighted by the high quality of this film. The photography alone (superb) makes it worthwhile to watch. The dusty desert environment is awesome, the costumes magnificent and the acting s excellent.The story-line is original and Natalie Portman, as usual, extraordinary. In my opinion, this film has captured the style of the best Clint Eastwood westerns. Granted it uses the well trodden revenge plot, but it does it cleverly and keeps the spectator in constant suspense. Those daft commercial critics of the film, probably did not like both the story. But then, as usual, they were resorting to their pseudo sophisticated, near sighted inane criteria. I enjoyed the movie enormously from the beginning to the end. I certainly recommend this film to those Western film addicts like myself.

Reviewed by FireFan 14th February, 2016

a recent western made to be impressive

To me, this movie makes a significant impression as it is being in our age of fewer western films because it plays realistically like an old authentic cowboy story used to be and supplies good scenery and props too. Jane, played by Natalie Portman, is convincing in a woman's perspective living on a tough frontier land where there is not much law and even less sympathy. In her bravery she is not invulnerable, yet she is believable as she perseveres through hard and traumatic times. The man acting as her former love plays great in a role where the two people need each other. The storyline could almost be seen as a love triangle plot with some twists. This film raises the audience's spirit as pertaining to the quality of Jane's character and her former fiancee's. It is a well done, recent cowboy saga reminiscent of some classic early westerns. The film has a good dose of action but one needs to understand the fill-in information flashbacks to appreciate it properly even though the plot is easy to grasp. It has a bittersweet ending overall and I recommend the show to romance and western enthusiasts as well as older movie goers.

Reviewed by Thomas Drufke 29th January, 2016

Serviceable Western Film

After years of a troubled production, Jane Got a Gun finally got to the big screen, albeit in the month for cinema to dump their weak films, January. Although for me, that may have improved my enjoyment of the picture. I went in barely seeing any of the trailers or TV spots (were there any?) and with barely any expectations, so perhaps that improved my likeness of Jane Got a Gun. The film stars Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, and Ewan McGregor in a production that once had names like Bradley Cooper, Michael Fassbender, and Jude Law attached among others. I actually think the ending cast turned out pretty good as Portman and Edgerton shared unexpectedly great chemistry. I think the problem with the film is that I'm not sure the film had anything new to add to the world of cinema. There isn't anything special about Jane Got a Gun, but it is a well made film by Gavin O'Connor. His last film Warrior, is one of my favorite films of all time, and while it's nowhere near as good as that film, I think I can consider it one of the first surprises of 2016. O'Connor's choice of using flashbacks to fill in the gaps between the years in which Edgerton and Portman are apart, was a mistake. We get all of the character development we need in a few sit down scenes between the two later on in the film. The ending is also an extremely well handled shootout climax even if McGregor's character is very under developed. Overall, I think this a solid entry in for the western genre and O'Connor's filmography. But I also think that it doesn't feel like a polished project even though it has taken years to get to the big screen. There's plenty to like, including the incredible lead performances, but there's also plenty to shrug your shoulders about. No matter, I definitely enjoyed my experience watching Jane Got a Gun. +Portman and Edgerton +Tense finale +Much better than expectations after a troubled production -Still doesn't feel finished -No need for flashbacks 7.2/10