Mechanic: Resurrection


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Mechanic: Resurrection
Release Date:
25th August 2016
99 min
MPAA Rating:
Dennis Gansel
Philip Shelby, Tony Mosher
English, Bulgarian
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Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) returns as the Mechanic in the sequel to the 2011 action thriller. When the deceitful actions of a cunning but beautiful woman (Jessica Alba) force him to return to the life he left behind, Bishop's life is once again in danger as he has to complete an impossible list of assassinations of the most dangerous men in the world.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 0%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 0%
IMDb Rating 6.4


Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
Jessica Alba as Gina
Sam Hazeldine as Crain
Tommy Lee Jones as Max Adams

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BigGuy 25th August, 2016

Some good action, some bad action and a simple plot

Mechanic: Resurrection at times felt like watching someone play a computer game. Unlike the predecessor, the plot in this movie was very bland and lacking in nuance. It was like a series of gates, break into place 1 and defeat boss 1. Break into place 2, defeat boss 2. Obtain clues, break in and defeat boss, repeat. The other reason the movie felt like a computer game was that the CGI was a bit too obvious in a lot of scenes. Fire that spreads perfectly and regularly. Every bullet that hits someone creates a minor fountain of blood (that doesn't seem to hit the ground or soak into their clothes). The movie did start off with what could have been a great action scene, but ended up being so-so. The reason it was only so-so was because it was impossible to see what was going on. Too much jerky camera work and jump cuts made it hard to see. Statham has the chops to do action scenes without making the scene more frenetic with cheap cinematography. One comment I overheard leaving the theater was why cast Jessica Alba. I won't say she did a bad job, but she wasn't particularly compelling either and had little chemistry with Statham, which undermined the motivation for the whole movie. I would also comment that I was very sad that Michelle Yeoh didn't get a more substantive role. Overall, it was a bit disappointing. There was some good action, although it was usually undermined by the camera work. There were a few minutes of wittiness, but overall it's a summer action movie that will be forgotten.

Reviewed by Mees T. 23rd August, 2016

This is a product, not a movie.

I went to a Sneak Preview where nobody got to hear what movie we were going to watch. I was hoping they put on the new Woody Allen movie or Hell or High Water, which looks very promising. When I saw Jason Statham his name on the screen I realized which movies I was going to watch. The trailers didn't interest me at all, so I was skeptical prior to watching this flick. This is one of the most generic films I have seen in a long time. There are many problems and just a few things that are actually "good" about this. Characters: As many filmmakers know, characters are key for moving the plot. The only person who moves this plot is the antagonist, who's name I have already forgotten. Jason Statham and Jessica Alba are not very good leads in this. They have done some promising things in the past, Statham did great in Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Jessica Alba was pretty good in that time she appeared in The Office and she was promising in Dark Angel, which I gave up on quite quickly. The actors are not the ones to blame though, the writers and the director are. Character development is barely in this movie and none of the characters except for Tommy Lee Jones are interesting or intriguing in any way. Now I know there are people out there who think characters do not matter in an action flick like this, but I think it does. Go ahead and look up an action scene from a summer movie that you haven't seen yet. Pretty unexciting right? That's because you don't know and don't care about the interaction of the characters in that scene, and that was one of the biggest problems in this entire movie. Everyone is bland and forgettable. Plot: It's like I was watching Killer Elite, from 2011. The story is exactly the same with the same lead actor: -A hit-man who makes his kills look like accidents stars in both movies -A loved one is captured -The antagonist tells the protagonist to kill three targets and the loved one will live That's how generic this is: it's been done exactly the same years ago. Action: Action gets bland and boring quick. It's uncreative and uninspiring, there is nothing original, cool or crazy about it. There is not much to say about it, except that you can find this action in any summer action movie. Now why did I rate it three stars instead of one? Well, the skyscraper scene was entertaining for a minute and Tommy Lee Jones's character was the best character in this film, every time he was on screen the film felt much better. And that's not because Tommy Lee Jones is a good actor, it's because this character had a personality unlike the rest of the cast. Don't waste your money as this is another pathetic attempt of Hollywood trying to earn a few more dollars. Go watch Killer Elite if the plot sounds interesting or if you want to go to the cinema go watch something that isn't this. I'll do you a favor.

Reviewed by A K 22nd August, 2016

Statham Shooting Guns & Beating People Up Again? Count Me In !

With a movie like Mechanic: Resurrection, you won't expect Oscar worthy acting or dialogue and it certainly isn't going to reinvent the action genre or an established formula. This unexpected sequel, is another decent entry into Stathams filmography and further cements him as one of the top action stars of this generation. Plenty of bad guys get wasted in a number of ways by Statham, which is always entertaining. So for action fans looking for there adrenaline fix, don't look far as this movie brings the goods. Although the film met expectations, I felt the overuse of CGI in some action sequences instead of more practical, stunt driven action brought it down a notch. I also felt the original 2011 remake was a more lean, fast paced action movie that managed to pack more solid R-rated action. Ben Fosters performance and his chemistry with Statham added more to the film and story whereas The sequel may have a great cast on paper, the supporting roles and characters they play are either forgettable, little used or could of been played by anybody. Overall, if you want some Statham fueled action, you can't go wrong with this movie on a Tuesday show or a lazy night in. And although it could be a sequel to several of his films, as the saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". 6/10

Reviewed by scocope-654-771165 21st August, 2016

Come-on People it's a Statham movie!

What I really dislike about some reviews is that the reviewer wants a "Gone With the Wind" epic blockbuster movie but goes to see a movie that never promises to be one. This is an escapist movie, there are going to be times that one needs to suspend belief. There are going to be holes in the script (or perceived ones if you don't pay attention; the script is the type where on needs to pay attention AND remember things). Sometimes the special effects may not be as realistic as one hopes (remember this is a movie not an documentary),but the editing is tight The stunts can be crazy; for example he jumps upon on top of a hang glider early on (it's telegraphed a couple of minutes prior to it happening so this is not much of a "spoiler"). If you want an full-on action movie in which Statham "resurrects" (get it?) his mechanic role you'll like the show, but if you want to see a tight great script with nuance maybe you should just stay home.

Reviewed by Vinay Sital 17th August, 2016

This word seems to lose it's meaning, but ill say it again: Fun

This movie is fun! Nothing more than that. Jason Statham is back and though this is not a good movie, it is a fun one and if you expected more than that you have no one else to blame but yourself. Ill rate the movie with my usual ratingssystem which contains rating a few aspect of the movie with an overall total score at the end Acting: 5/10. If Jason Statham looking stoically at everyone/everything isn't enough, we got jessica alba being used as a sex symbol first and an actress second. From Jason I can take it since it's his schtick, but jessica... yikes! Action: 7/10. Though there were some cool scenes in there, nothing is original or great by any means. The action in the first the mechanic was better choreographed than in here. Cinematography: 8/10. it is actually well shot and the action that is there is greatly shot with some wide angles here and there. Dialogue: 3/10. I think they didn't even make a screenplay/script. they just went for it and came out with this. Overall: 5/10. Wouldn't recommend it. It is fun and if there's nothing else in the cinemas i would recommend it while you were drunk and paid the matinee price :)