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Release Date:
21st December 2016
116 min
MPAA Rating:
Morten Tyldum
Jon Spaihts
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The spaceship, Starship Avalon, in its 120-year voyage to a distant colony planet known as the "Homestead Colony" and transporting 5,259 people has a malfunction in two of its sleep chambers. As a result two hibernation pods open prematurely and the two people that awoke, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Dunn (Jennifer Lawrence), are stranded on the spaceship, still 90 years from their destination.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 69%
IMDb Rating 7.0


Andy Garcia as Captain Norris
Chris Pratt as Jim Preston
Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane
Laurence Fishburne as Gus Mancuso
Michael Sheen as Arthur

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blackshatan94 23rd December, 2016

I cannot understand all those bad reviews of Passengers

The movie is definitely worth your time. Firstly, 10/10 for realism. I would absolutely have done all those things if I were in their shoes. Secondly, the acting is one of the best I've seen (I was pretty skeptical about J.Lawrence but not anymore after this movie; and Chris Pratt's acting keeps getting better and better since GotG). The plot is quite unique (I do not believe I've ever seen another plot that resemble this). Lastly, the visuals is BREATHTAKING (I absolutely adore the ship design). The pacing was a little bit too fast at the end but not that noticeable. Rating: 9/10 Sometime a simple movie with simple plot is better than s**t like Batman vs Superman because there are less space for mistakes. Also, do not expect much action in this movie (I expected more action but in the end I was OK without it.) Also, sleeping beauty is also named Aurora xD

Reviewed by steen-mpi 23rd December, 2016

Eminent Science Fiction

Professional film critics are stupid. That is the conclusion you must reach after watching this movie. I was not expecting much after reading the uniformly negative critical reviews. But I was surprised. The movie is plausible. It is more than plausible, it is realistic. And the acting is so eminent that you are there yourself trying to decide what you would do if you awoke on a fully autonomous spaceship trying to figure out what is going on. Granted, there are no alien horror creatures, no protracted fast-action sequences, no superficial technical nonsense to cover a thin plot. Maybe this is what the critics were missing. There is only beautiful scenes, eminent acting, a plausible plot and a surprising ending. But that was enough for me. So go watch this movie and decide for yourself how implausibly stupid the film critics are.

Reviewed by patrickjames85 22nd December, 2016

Passengers was fantastic!

Passengers is yet another example as to why you should go see the movies professional critics hate & save your money on the ones they absolutely love. Going to see a movie at the theater is like $30 now for just 2 people & that's without visiting concessions. I don't know about everybody else but if I'm going to spend a few days worth of grocery money for a 2 hour movie experience I'm really hoping not to be bored to tears or looking at the time wondering how much longer it'll be until a movie is over. Passengers just ends up on my very long list, lately, of movies critics tried to bring down that were waves better than the ones they are directing people to see. This movie is visually stunning & the story telling is not only thought provoking but innovative while doing so! It was great to see a story like this one told in a way that didn't spend most of its time trying to dialogue it's way into Oscar nominations. If you are going to venture out to see a movie for the Holidays go see this one!

Reviewed by Nobody-27 21st December, 2016

Haters gonna hate, but moviegoers have plenty to enjoy here

I don't quite get all the hate that this film gets... I can also think of great number of recent alleged sci-fi films that don't deserve a minute of one's time, yet they are cherished and loved. In any case, I went to see Passengers with high expectations. While I am not a fan of either Jennifer Lawrence or Chris Pratt, they were very good in this film - good enough to immerse me in the story (unlike most other alleged sci-films these days). I've been a fan of Michael Sheen ever since I saw him in Midnight in Paris where he was brilliant also, and his performance in Passengers was so good that it is easy to forget that this synthetic robot with a plastic smile is brought to you by a thespian. What a performance! Worth seeing just for that alone. The story is by now well known, due to spoilers being given away like candy during Halloween and partly due to (leaked?) script that was posted a while ago. Most importantly: the film has been changed from the original script and for the better. The thing that I liked about this film is that first of all - it is not stupid. I did not have to put an extra effort to suspend my disbelief the way I had to for most recent sci-fi favorites (except Martian which I liked). Yes there may be one or two occasions when I knew that "such would be almost impossible" but even then, there is also an option that the situation had something that we, the viewers may not be aware of. For instance, the sudden loss of gravity would require sudden stopping of the rotation of the ship; that would require enormous amount of energy, otherwise things don't just stop in space. But, who knows - maybe the ship did decide to stop the rotation? So not entirely impossible (this is not a spoiler because the official trailer clearly suggests loss of gravity). The drama of the film is obviously based on the fact that two passengers woke up too early during their cross-universe trip. No matter what you think of the morality of how that all happened, remember this is a film and not televangelism. In other words: political correctness stops where character portrayal starts. In the end, I can say that there was plenty to enjoy in this film, from excellent visuals to great performances all around. I actually plan to buy this in bluray, which I don't do that often with new movies (my library of recent films includes "Argo", "Dallas Buyers Club", "Midnight in Paris"...) If you are expecting another marvel-comic inspired super-hero driven FX fest, you will be disappointed. No iron-men or spider-men or any other mutants in here. Just your plain simple ordinary humans with all their shortcomings. But if you are looking for an interesting story, with an interesting premise, and no cringe-worthy "even kids know this is impossible" moments, than this is for you. ps. I loved the attention to detail which translated to some really cute and funny scenes...

Reviewed by Frida 21st December, 2016

Are we hitting a golden age of SF?

Amazing film. I didn't know what to expect, all I knew going in was that two people woke up 90 years too soon, on their way to a distant planet. I came out having seen well-developed characters faced with difficult choices and having to come to term with those choices. To me, a very realistic movie about human nature, ultimately. I guess Neil DeGrasse Tyson or whoever will soon make a statement on the movie's accuracy, but as far as I could see (being a closet nerd for interstellar travel), it did it better than many films in the past have. The one minor nitpick I could find in the whole film, was when the ship announces them passing a star close up - why did the ship have it programmed to announce it, if they were not going to be awake for another 90 years? But to me, this film had everything. Good pacing, just enough action, emotion, suspense, and believable characters that I ended up really feeling for, and like in another film I just watched (Light between oceans), you see one of the main characters making a terrible decision but you know that in the same situation, anyone would have done the same thing. To those that down vote it or boycott it because "a man is taking advantage of a woman" - get a life. Not everything has to be about your political agenda, or gender or race. If the gender roles were reversed, we wouldn't be hearing a peep from you. So sit down and enjoy an amazing movie.