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Release Date:
19th February 2016
107 min
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Kevin Reynolds
Kevin Reynolds, Paul Aiello
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The first forty days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is told through the eyes of an agnostic Roman Centurion charged by Pontius Pilate to investigate rumors of a risen Jewish Messiah and locate the missing deceased body of Jesus of Nazareth in order to subdue an imminent uprising in Jerusalem. During Centurion's mission, his doubts of such a supernatural occurrence peel away as he encounters the Apostles and other historic biblical characters and bears witness to the legendary storied events that followed the Resurrection. A great mystery unfolds during Centurion's quest to find the body and he is deeply affected by his first-person investigation, as his previous beliefs on the matter are forever altered based on what he's now witnessed.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 72%
IMDb Rating 6.3


Cliff Curtis as Yeshua
Joseph Fiennes as Clavius
Maria Botto as Mary Magdalene
Peter Firth as Pilate
Tom Felton as Lucius

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjjusa-1 20th February, 2016

Romans, faith, and reason.

With nothing else to see, I went, somewhat reluctantly, to see the new Biblically inspired, movie, 'Risen' (which, as you can see, got good reviews on IMDb). Ostensibly about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, it's more a logical investigation imaginatively laid atop a history lesson, a key miracle of the New Testament, and a logical examination of rational thought challenged by inexplicable events. Told from the perspective of a Roman Tribune sent to investigate how Jesus' physical body disappeared from it's tomb, it's a story well told, seems historically authentic, and I (a lapsed Catholic/agnostic/skeptic) recommend it highly. It was also an interesting exercise in memory, as I strained to remember what I remember from hours of Catechism, and yearly celebrations of Good Friday, Easter, and the Feast of the Assumption...which turned out to be...not much. There are parts which recall 'Life of Brian', it's a little bit long, the disciples resemble the inhabitants of the hippie commune in 'Easy Rider', Bartholomew is completely over the top, and the actor who plays Christ is iffy. But, then again, he is tasked with the impossible role of being man and God (just what expression would you choose if you played Christ?) without descending into camp farce. All in all, he does OK. Joseph Fiennes plays the Tribune with authenticity, honesty, and an openness which allowed me to put myself in his place...how does a rational man deal with fundamental challenges to his heretofore solid as a rock, world? When do you surrender to faith when all the 'reason' in the world suggests that reason has little to do with it all? It's a good movie, well worth seeing.

Reviewed by McKenzie_Bryant 19th February, 2016

Awesome movie. Kind of took me by surprise.

I just came back from seeing Risen, and I have to say, I was actually impressed. This is a very well made movie. They handled the biblical story respectfully, while taking creative license in a way that maintained the spirit and overall message of the gospel. To anyone else considering making another film based on the bible, please take note of this film. This is how it's done. No rock creatures to be found here. Just a wonderful film that tells the story with excellence and dignity. I absolutely loved this movie, and fought tears during the 2nd half. I eventually lost that battle, and I heard other sniffles in the audience as well. So be prepared. (By the way, someone please nominate that Roman guard in tavern for an award.)

Reviewed by Kris King 19th February, 2016

Powerful Acting and Writing Give an Old Story New Perspective

Risen is a well done action movie with strong writing of an old story in a fresh new way. Please don't waste your time picking apart the theology. All direct quotes from the Bible were accurate and powerfully depicted. It is a FICTIONAL account through the eyes of Pontius Pilate's right hand man (Roman tribune) Clavis. No, Jesus and the disciples did not hang out with a Roman after the resurrection. We all know that. It deviates from the Biblical story to show a different point of view and they do it graphically and with a great connection to the audience. This movie pretty much picks up where "Passion of the Christ" left off. They unabashedly told the story from the end of the crucifixion into the full-on resurrection, into the ascension and traveled with Christ into Galilee with the disciples all the way to the ascension. Somehow it was not hokey or silly. They did it well. I highly recommend you go see it while it is still in theaters. The scenery was beautiful.

Reviewed by keicraig 19th February, 2016

Fun and Touching Movie

Risen is a fun movie, with many touching moments. It's faithful to the original story of Jesus, but also completely different as the story of a Roman Tribune commanded to find the body of Jesus to quell the new messiah movement. Jesus is played by an excellent choice of actor, who is less of a male model look than many movies. Fiennes is awesome as a man who undergoes a life changing series of events. The basic plot and conclusion of the film is simple yet profound, and should be appreciated by believers and nonbelievers alike. The night I watched it I dreamed about the movie all night, not something which normally happens. The quality is above most faith-based films and is full of action, humor, and inspiration for the whole family.

Reviewed by allstarrunner 18th February, 2016

Pretty Decent

With the most recent Biblical movies that Hollywood has come out with, Noah and Exodus, the main complaint, at least from the Christian viewer-base, was that they didn't stick to the accuracy of the Bible; in this film they do - so it has that going for it, if you're a Christian. At the top of the IMDb page it lists this movie as Action, Adventure, and Drama; but in reality it's pretty much just drama. There is a 3 minute action sequence at the beginning and that is about it. It's not bad that it's Drama, but it is a slower paced movie - I only point this out because that is one of things I like to know when going into a movie. The movie itself wasn't terribly exciting, but for the Christian audience, who like to see portions of the Bible "brought to life", I think it will find a decent viewer ship. That being said, if it's Friday night and you're looking for a fun movie, then this probably isn't it. Thankfully, this isn't another "God's Not Dead" where they smack you in the face over and over again with how awesome Christians are and how terrible atheists are - it basically just sticks to a fictional storyline of what might have happened to a Roman centurion who is in charge of finding the missing body. The bottom line is this movie is the very definition of "good" to me, not bad, but not great...just good.