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Release Date:
9th December 2016
108 min
MPAA Rating:
Nic Mathieu
George Nolfi, John Gatins
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A sci-fi/thriller story centered on a special-ops team that is dispatched to fight supernatural beings.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 0%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 47%
IMDb Rating 6.5


Bruce Greenwood as General Orland
Clayne Crawford as Sgt. Toll
Emily Mortimer as Fran Madison
Max Martini as Capt. Sessions

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ziggymac100 10th December, 2016

Great special FX by Weta & overall much better than I was expecting.

Very pleasantly surprised with this, okay the story is straight from a video game & dumber than a gathering of Donald Trump voters but it's done with real style on a relatively low budget with tight editing & a great musical score. It's obvious that a decision was made right from the start to spend most of the budget on employing one of the top CGI houses, Weta, rather than a big name cast & it was the correct decision. The FX work in this film is great and far better than you might be expecting for a Netflix production. As for the cast, the under appreciated James Badge Dale is, as always, very watchable. Emily Mortimer is the token female but does what she can with such a limited role & Bruce Greenwood does his usual solid supporting role. As for the director, well done to you sir. I think we will be seeing much more from him in the future, because with a bigger budget & better script in his hands I think he could deliver a triple A block buster based on this effort.

Reviewed by reaver80808-552-7999 9th December, 2016

A homage to the gaming world

Not a bad movie. In fact better than some of the huge budget offerings intended for cinema, lately. Don't get me wrong, it's got all the usual cliches. A heroic scientist, tough American soldiers who don't take no s___ and distrust heroic scientists, and the tough female agent. It's also got it's plot holes and as is often the case with this genre, the heroes always manage to be stood in the right place to not get killed, while "nameless soldier" gets it! They also love a montage, where incredible weapons and sciency stuff can be created in only a few hours! But I could forgive all this, because it was fun to watch and didn't feel like a chore at any point. Sure, it won't fire your brain cells to their full extent, but like I said, it has nice touches and a very nice feel, visually. It is reminiscent of recent computer games, such as Gears of War or Titanfall, leading me to believe the creators may be gaming fans. They do get that feel right however. I'd even go as far as to say, give Paul W S Anderson (a staple game/movie director) his WELL deserved marching orders and let this team handle the next game to movie conversion. They seem to understand the look well. It also borrows from previous action/sci-fi movies at some stages. I got a feel of Aliens at one point, and the overall story is VERY reminiscent of Final Fantasy The Spirits Within. There are lot's of little touches throughout, that made me feel I'd been here before, but they never went to the 'ripping off' point, but more a nostalgic tip of the hat to previous sci-fi. The acting is all solid, aside from moments where the characters don't seem quite troubled enough, considering they may be snuffed out by an invisible force at any moment, but that is often the case with these movies, due to the short amount of time they have to set the scene, develop characters and tell the story, but aside from this, everyone is likable, if a little two dimensional overall. I think this is why serialised tories are taking off so much in recent years. The visual effects are also very nice and miles better than I expected for a straight to Netflix movie. I can't recall any moment where I cringed at the effects. The war-torn sets were also nicely done. Don't go in expecting some sci-fi epic that will change your world view. Go in expecting a bit of fun, with some nice effects and a simple story. Not a bad way to spend an hour and forty eight minutes, if you like sci-fi.

Reviewed by clearwavepro-421-521230 9th December, 2016

Rock solid; Enjoyable.

Loved the performances from the soldiers, their voices were extremely believable; they spoke with clear intent and purpose throughout. The action was well choreographed. I found the sound design to be well done and matched the FX (visual) and corroborated the story being told. The dialog made good sense, and there was an excellent focus on information being conveyed back and forth throughout the characters' interplay, and for the story itself. I found the revelations and discoveries to be quite interesting, feasible, believable, and relatively congruent with science to be satisfying. The first film (for this individual) which relied heavily on "on- the-ground" military action that I felt was non-offensive, nor hyper-stylized... I applaud the film-makers here! Rock solid; Enjoyable.

Reviewed by welsh_dragon_roar 9th December, 2016

Great original sci-fi

Netflix have really upped their game with their original titles lately, and this film is no exception. The acting is good, the story is relatively original (considering how many themes are usually recycled ad nauseum in sci-fi) and the special effects were absolutely outstanding. The pace of the film is perfect and there's never a reason to lose interest, especially as our cast delve deeper into the mystery of what's going on and how to deal with it. The tension themes were similar to Darkest Hour & FF:SW insofar as you never quite knew where the threats were going to come from at any given time, despite the countermeasures in place. Some people have compared the story with those two titles pre-release, and after watching you can see how it could be inspired by them, but only as much as other themes in cinema inspire each other; the story itself is very original. If you like your action with an original story and extremely well- polished, then you'll probably enjoy this.

Reviewed by fergis 9th December, 2016

If you have seen Aliens you could give this a miss

The army is sent in with two advisers to check out a strange enemy. Advisors: Uber-engineer-scientist guy and a female CIA agent who doesn't appear to know how to fire a weapon but speaks the local lingo. Now if her role could have been more Ripleyish then I would've given the movie another star. How long do we have to keep being fed such uninspiring female roles? It echoes Aliens very strongly. The adviser in the RV monitors the platoons going in with helmet cams. Soldiers start to flat line. "You've got to pull you people out now!" Army officer ignores the Uber-engineer-scientist... and more guys get killed. They fall back to the RVs. RVs punch it. Knock cars out of the way but eventually fail leaving our people to have to take to foot. Any of this sound familiar? You even have child survivors who fist bump the friendly soldier... An eventually the nest is found... wait for it... in a power station. And once the climax has been had and we are all safe again... breathe out... the Uber-engineer-scientist guy destroys the remaining monsters to stop them from falling into the hands of the company... I mean the military. No Carter-Burke equivalent. If they copied the rest I am not sure why he was left out. great special effects and some great facial hair. I wasn't bored and at least the monsters didn't mostly come at night... mostly.