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Release Date:
22nd September 2016
90 min
MPAA Rating:
Doug Sweetland, Nicholas Stoller
Nicholas Stoller
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Storks deliver babies...or at least they used to. Now they deliver packages for global internet giant Junior, the company's top delivery stork, is about to be promoted when he accidentally activates the Baby Making Machine, producing an adorable and wholly unauthorized baby girl. Desperate to deliver this bundle of trouble before the boss gets wise, Junior and his friend Tulip, the only human on Stork Mountain, race to make their first-ever baby drop - in a wild and revealing journey that could make more than one family whole and restore the storks' true mission in the world.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 71%
IMDb Rating 7.1


Andy Samberg as Junior
Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Gardner
Katie Crown as Tulip
Kelsey Grammer as Hunter
Ty Burrell as Henry Gardner

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GravityFalls2 9th October, 2016

A Really Sweet but Funny Movie

Hey Guys GravityFalls2 Here again & today I'm reviewing the movie I just saw today called Storks. The Movie is about a Stork named Junior(Andy Samberg) who is the top delivery stork. His Boss Hunter(Kelsey Grammar) wants to make him boss by firing the orphan girl Tulip(Katie Crown). Meanwhile a Boy named Nate wants a baby brother because his mom & dad are too busy so Nate goes to find to get a baby brother by hoping stork will deliver it. I also like to point out there some good music in this movie like Like The Talking Head's "And She Was" & Vance Joy's "Fire and The Flood". I really liked The Wolf pack how they turning to things. Bottom Line A Really Sweet but Funny Movie. I really enjoyed this Movie a Lot. Anyway Give this a 10

Reviewed by humdi 30th September, 2016

Gave me a clearer perspective..

I wanna ask first what comes to your mind when you hear the word Baby? I wanna make that a hanging question. So is this film any good? Like pixar good? No, in fact it tried so hard to be. The punchlines just doesn't hit the right spot and even if it did they were fleeting right away. It did made me laugh but there was no fun. Its anthropomorphic world is not easy to get and its eccentricity became annoying and unfunny quirks. Junior and Tulip are too frenzied like they were high on something. Though I will rate this film 5/10, Storks had given me a clearer perspective, that final scene hit me like an epiphany and now when i hear the word baby, I think of family.

Reviewed by Jay Mehta 25th September, 2016

Well-made movie with good animation and super score on cuteness factor

Storks is undoubtedly funny and keeps up with the audience attention just enough in spite of an at par performance in pretty much all departments. The movie doesn't have any wow factor, except for the "baby cuteness", but I didn't find it bad either. Story (7/10): I've heard about this concept for the first time, but apparently, storks, in some mythologies, are associated with baby delivery and that's what the story is about. In the modern times, though, they have moved away from baby delivery to cell phones. However, in a dramatic turn of events, one of the soon-to-be-boss storks, Junior, is unable to prevent the restart of a baby-making machine by Tulip - the only human at the facility, which creates a baby. Along with Tulip, he has to not just hide it from the rest of the storks at the facility, but also deliver the baby. And in that process, he has to prevent the babies from external enemies as well. I didn't find the story so exciting but what I liked about it was the screenplay that had good punches - although inexplicable on some occasions. What I also loved the most was some of the innovative stuff with wolves and penguins, which was innovative and great to watch. The characterization of Tulip and establishing her chemistry with Junior was a little tricky but the writer managed to do it pretty much smoothly without making it looked forced. Overall, a pretty neat job by Nicholas Stoller. Animation (8/10): The animation is really good, especially the ones on creating various baby faces and expressions. It was pretty much like they poured in all of their energy into that. Also, the work around landscaping and making the entire visual very colorful is great. Direction (7/10): The combination of Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland has pulled out quite well. While the former hasn't had a great run with the movies yet, Doug's experience with the animation movies seems to have come handy, even though it was a first time for him. The idea of getting wolves creating amazing shapes - totally fitting into the context of the story - and the silent fight with the penguins was great. However, the direction could have improved in the beginning of the movie, which was a little slow and low on momentum. Overall (7/10): A well-made movie with good animation and super score on cuteness factor!

Reviewed by mikenontonmulu 23rd September, 2016

What a cute and adorable movie!

Watching this movie in the earlier parts, I could not help to feel that the funny scenes were a little bit forced, but as the movie continues, the funny scenes becoming more and more fluid. The funny moments became more natural. And since the baby girl was "produced", the movie became much more alive. I think the star of the movie was really the baby. The animation of this baby was soooo cute and adorable that you would really want to hug and play with the baby. You would also be enjoying the very colorful scenes and the funny moments during the chase by the wolves. Those were some of the most enjoyable moments. But the moment that I laughed the hardest was during the scene involving penguins (and the fork). It was priceless! I also loved that the trailer shown many times in the theaters was only showing some brief introduction about Storks and baby making machine. This helped us to be enjoying the movie without knowing there were so many plots inside this one. For parents who want to bring their children to watch this, I believe they would be able to enjoy it. For teenagers & adults, this movie would also be enjoyable to watch. However, please do not expect logic or the making sense of the story of Storks delivering babies. If you can only enjoy movie when logic is very much a great factor, then I do not think this movie is right for you. If you are looking for some fun and good laughter, then you can definitely watch this one! By the way, this movie was produced by Warner Bros Animation Group (WAG) which also produced The Lego Movie. Hence, it was not a surprise to see there was a short funny animated Lego movie of a Chinese Kung Fu Master and a chicken before the start of the movie. I guess WAG also wanted to follow the success of such pattern used by Disney, Pixar and even Illuminati (remember those cute minions in The Secret Life of Pets ?). It did give us a nice thing to enjoy before the start of the actual movie. So when you already bought the tickets for this film, please make sure you are not late to be able to watch this short fun movie. please read my full review in

Reviewed by tomholland2016 22nd September, 2016

A decent enjoyable flick!

First thing of all, this is the kind of a movie that's surely not for everyone and it doesn't really give that stereotype where children will absolutely have fun watching it. The storyline follows a group of storks engineers a vast industry relating to delivering babies to their respective families. Things go south when the living storks are tired by umpteenth of accidents occurring on arriving the destination that eventually turns into an industry of selling goods. With the help of an unknown boy, an unintentional event takes place for re-living back the old era of the storks. The plot is fairly decent, and it does give much time for the character to develop but it takes too many spaces in their limited duration of the movie. It drags the movie at certain parts that we won't be needing to see. Despite all of this, there are a few sequences that do take place abruptly, leading to many inevitable questions. Children that are trying to learn and understand stories may get confused with 'em. The pacing is half the chance being good and bad, people will judge in their own way. As for me, it starts to get bad after 40 minutes in. The humor here is enjoyable, but it can get cringe-worthy sometimes. Basically, the script is telling the characters to force the jokes from themselves. As far as I can tell, there are moments in the movie that trigger your mind if this movie is really worth spending your money for. The motion images are tolerable, it's totally not as bad as Norm In The North and totally not as good as Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV. The moral values here are worth it but it does not contain as much as you have seen in Inside Out or Toy Story. A major example that can be taken is to give love to each member of your family without regarding career or any other things. The best time to watch this movie is when you're having a daytime off with your family on a Sunday afternoon. Overall, it is an enjoyable flick and to my point of view, it deserves 5 out of 10.