The Mountain Between Us


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The Mountain Between Us
Release Date:
5th October 2017
109 min
MPAA Rating:
Hany Abu-Assad
Chris Weitz, J. Mills Goodloe
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Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow covered mountain. When they realize help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across hundreds of miles of wilderness, pushing one another to endure and discovering strength they never knew possible.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 51%
IMDb Rating 6.0


Beau Bridges as Walter
Idris Elba as Ben Bass
Kate Winslet as Alex Martin
Linda Sorensen as Pamela

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by avtiger 6th October, 2017

A really bad film.

This ridiculous film was unmistakingly one of the worst films i've seen in 30 years! Kate Winslett needs to return to acting school, she just isn't very convincing. Here are these two souls who end up in the snowy, blizzard mountains due to a plane crash and never once did i hear either of them say "I'm cold". They prance thru the snow so easily and of course as time goes on they began to give each other goo goo gah gah looks like teenage heart throbs. It appears it's extremely cold yet they can hardly wait to jump in the sack. I could hardly wait for this Clunker to be finished. PLease do not waste your time on this's absolutely horrible!

Reviewed by rgkarim 6th October, 2017

The Mixture Between Us

The mighty majestic mountains that line the world. These monolithic displays of nature are icons for so many forms of expression such as poetry, video game stages, and yes even movies. Such symbolism is perfect to craft such an obstruction for heroes to face, all while teaching valuable lessons. And thus leads me to my next review, on a movie that centers on the immobile giants that watch over the world. The Mountain Between Us is the name of the film and its trailers have certainly stirred up a storm in the world of reviews. Robbie K here hoping to guide you through the mess to help guide your viewing pleasures. LIKES: The acting: Like the mountains they are stuck in, the lead actors in this movie are giants themselves, displaying their talents to high levels. Idris Elba once more blows my mind out how well he executes his roles. He sells the suffering surgeon well, playing the internalization well and the survivalist even more. Kate Winslet as ever brings her character to life, taking the fiery spirit she has within, and unleashing it in a manner that is wild, yet honed as the movie progresses. The two certainly have the portrayal of suffering down pat (they can really shiver) but on many levels they play well off each other, especially in the beginning. The Dog: While not the main human actor, the dog is by far the character I cared about the most. This animal, while of course like many of his canine brethren, was cute to me and impressive in the work it had to do. Trekking through the show, climbing mountains, and a variety of other things the dog certainly caught my eye for much of the screen. In addition, because I'm a big animal fan, the dog was the character that kept me engaged in the film. Every scene transition, or new challenge I couldn't help, but think "What happened to the dog." That component is perhaps the biggest hooking element in the movie to keep you into the film. What is its fate? Can't tell you, you'll have to watch. The Scenery: While it is no substitute for the real thing, The Mountain Between Us is a great example of stunning camera work. My breath was taken away by all the panoramic shots of the wilderness from the ever expanding sky in the peaks, to the silent wonder of the forest littering the valleys below. It brings out the deadly force that mother nature holds and stunned me by the majesty of the visual prowess cameras can pick up. So while it is again not the same thing as hiking these majestic peaks, it is the next best thing. DISLIKES: Diluted Suspense: If you are like me, the trailers might have you believe this was going to be the most suspenseful movie of the year. Unfortunately, I was fooled again. This film has some moments that got my anxiety building, but a majority of it is an almost peaceful trek through the snow. While they are certainly cold, our character's journey through the frozen wastelands lacked many elements to build up the intensity. Perhaps the lack of a cinematic score, or the fact that obstacles seemed cleared too easily thanks to convenience, this movies frozen fury was almost a little too fragile for me. Or maybe it was the other focus of the movie that downgraded the suspense for me… The Love Theme: Yes, just like the symbolic title suggests, the main wedge is the character's backstories preventing them from moving to the obvious sign of starting a romance. Much of the film tries to get the two to address their rather quick development of passion for one another in some rather lackluster ways. I wasn't sold on the romance for the most part, and the actors themselves didn't seem quite charmed by each other outside of one rather pointless scene. The friendship factor at the beginning was much stronger, and would have been the route I had taken in developing the story. Again, I don't necessarily hate love, but I would like it better portrayed for my investment. Disproportion: Timing the movie, as good geeks do, it took only 8 minutes to get up on the mountain. While I appreciate the fast pace, it gave little time to get to know the characters or at least give them a decent introduction to the madness about to be had. This opening was rather shallow and quite disappointing in the grand scheme of the movie. Yet it's not quite as bad as the dragged out ending of this film. While not as long as Return of The King, and all its false exits, The Mountain Between Us sort fizzles out in the end. This tangent was not necessary, a quick closure to try and tidy up some loose ends of a weaker component of the film. Worst off, the chemistry started to falter, making this an awkward mess with a rather cheesy, albeit poetic, ending. Not sure why these last 25 minutes needed to exist, but it could have been better spent in the beginning and end of the movie. The VERDICT: The Mountain Between Us is a beautiful spectacle of what the world can provide in terms of a stage, certainly blowing my mind on the visuals. Alongside this majestic scenery comes some quality acting and a hooking factor in the form of the dog. Yet these tools alone couldn't save this movie from being semi-dull. With the tension dropped to a PG level for symbolism and awkward love, alongside disproportioned parts, I can't say this movie delivered all I wanted. The visuals might be the main theater worthy component, but this reviewer suggests holding out for RedBox to catch it. My Scores: Action/Adventure/Drama: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.5

Reviewed by travishouze 6th October, 2017

Like Any

Some films have left me speechless. Not simply because their execution was unlike anything I've seen in the past, or opened my eyes to a story so insane thinking someone came up with this idea, but speechless cause there's so little to say about it as the film doesn't ask any new or interesting questions. The Mountain Between Us is that kind of film despite having 2 very talented actors I respect in this romantic drama. The story begins with Idris Elba as a doctor rushing to Baltimore for surgery and Kate Winslet off to get married to her fiance and they agree to work together to get to their destinations. However, their plane crashes into the middle of the mountains and leaves them stranded with only a golden retriever and their wits to find shelter and keep one another from falling apart. Kate and Idris both give committed performances even through the harsh weather conditions displayed. The cinematographer sets up some pretty beautiful shots of the mountains and the scale and distance the actors are from any form of civilization so that was something I appreciated in a post "every month a CGI fest blockbuster" world. Sadly the compliments end here. What kills the film is it's SO UTTERLY PREDICTABLE. If you have seen any romantic film ever, you know what will happen. The dialogue is void of any psychological questions of dealing with a stranger alone for weeks despite the film feels like it's only 6 days tops. Not as viewer did I feel they went through harsh conditions as Kate's hair the entire time looked freshly curled. The Mountain Between Us on the trailer felt what could have been a solid survival film, but instead got a corny and sometimes boring romantic drama. Outside of one genuine jump scare that truly surprised me, the film just feels lost in trying to be a romantic movie and survival movie at the same time with very little chemistry to weave them together.

Reviewed by Craig James Review (on Youtube) 6th October, 2017

Nice cinematography, but cold romance.

Your plane crashes down in the wilderness and your only hope for survival is the passenger sitting next to you. Will you survive? Chances are if "The Mountain Between Us" was your in-flight movie, you're already off to a rocky start. Idris Elba is a surgeon and Kate Winslet is a woman desperate to make her wedding. When their flight is canceled they both charter a private plane only to be marooned in the Utah Wilderness after admittedly what is a heart-stopping plane crash. With very little food and Winslet's leg injured, there's numerous things that could plague both these people and without question the first thirty minutes are the strongest, especially when considering wildlife hunting for food. Winslet going all Liam Neeson in "The Grey" is interesting on its own. The breathtaking view of the snowy mountain wilderness surrounding them on all sides is something to behold as well and the cinematography couldn't be any better. Just at one point these two will have to start moving if they want to survive and while both are great actors, watching them walk in the snow for more than an hour feels like we're the ones trapped and in need of rescue. He's dubbed as the logical one, she is the one wiling to put it all on the line for survival. Funny how the one dimensional characterizations their given are just enough to tell us that one probably won't survive without the other. Otherwise their basically in a movie based solely on the worst of romance novel cliches. You can see her mentally undressing him with her eyes even as she appears to be freezing to death. Later there's a cheeseball sex scene in front of a roaring fire. And if that's not enough, the last act seems to be more interested in whether these two will fall in love than whether or not they survive, which I guess would placate the romance novel fans if by this point the movie had bothered to forge any kind of connection between the two characters other than sob stories and minor sob backstory. Plus the last time a survival story involving ice, cheesy romance, and Kate Winslet came into play, it did not turn out well for her signicant other so I started to worry for Elba's safety just a bit. Whispers "she likes to hog things". So I go 5 out of 10. If you guys liked this, check out Craig James Capsule Reviews on Youtube for more.

Reviewed by cruise01 6th October, 2017

Could have been suspenseful of a survival and love story but it fails with a terrible script and direction.

A survival romantic film about two plane crash survivors that have to find their way home in the snowy mountains could have been a whole lot better. The Mountain Between Us lacks in about everything from character developments to even making the characters interesting. The thrills of surviving was very dull in the movie. And the last half of the film spending it with the two leads following in love with each other was just terrible. No offense to Kate Winslet and Idris Elba for being in such a terrible film. They both are great actors and they work with what they got in the script. Kate is a beautiful stunning actress. And Idris Elba is a talented actor. There characters were nonetheless boring and uninteresting. Kate plays photojournalist Alex, who is suppose to get married and is trying to find a flight home (the day before the wedding). And than you have Dr. Ben played by Idris Elba, who needed to find a flight asap for an operation that he needed to be there for. Both desperate people got caught with their flights being cancelled. And they find a pilot that can fly them home without filing a flight plan. Then, an incident causes there plane to go down and crash in the snowy mountains. With limited food supply and no help coming. They both will need each other to survive and to find their way home. The direction was boring. There was no suspense build up. The scene with the plane crashing was dull and did not make it intense at all. The dangers with the characters coming across a cougar was boring. The whole film was just frustrating with Kate and Idris bickering at each other. Idris telling her they need to stay put and take it slow. And Kate running out there and wanting to find help. It's a movie were you see two characters hike in the long snowy mountain telling and reminding each other what they need to do for survival. And discussing about possibly dying. It can get boring when this is going on for the whole movie. Were the entire script is wasted with poor dialogue and no development. Occasionally, seeing Kate getting into trouble and Elba coming to the rescue repetitively. Also, the music score from Ramin Djawadi was slightly disappointing and did not add anything to the movie. Then, the predictableness with the characters falling in love with each comes to play which is hands down frustrating and terrible. These characters are apparently been stranded for three weeks but when watching the movie they felt like they been stuck out there for a day or two. When it comes to the conclusion, the film slows down and takes forever to find an ending. Which some scenes could have been trimmed down that did not do anything to the plot or development. Besides seeing two characters chase each other cause there not sure if there in love or not. Overall, The Mountain Between Us is a terrible film. Kate Winslet and Idris Elba are the saving grace with their acting. But there characters are not. The direction is dull and tedious. The love story is frustrating and cliche. Not even the sappy kind of love story either. I rate the film 2 out of 5 stars. I do not recommend to see on the big screen, there is no excitement and no real suspense. If you want to see, I ll wait until it's a rental.