Their Finest


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Their Finest
Release Date:
24th March 2017
117 min
MPAA Rating:
Lone Scherfig
Gaby Chiappe, Lissa Evans
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A British film crew attempts to boost morale during World War II by making a propaganda film after the Blitzkrieg.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 79%
IMDb Rating 7.2


Bill Nighy as Ambrose Hilliard/Uncle Frank
Gemma Arterton as Catrin Cole
Jack Huston as Ellis Cole
Paul Ritter as Raymond Parfitt
Sam Claflin as Tom Buckley

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by craig-83286 22nd February, 2017

Excellent funny film

This is a great wee movie. Full of me memorable moments from hilarity to wiping away a wee tear. Must see. Went to the UK premier at the GFT last Sunday (February 14 2017

Reviewed by Biljana Gjoneska 18th February, 2017

Telling Story about the Power of Storytelling

Most of us lead monologues with ourselves, in our own heads. Some of us sometimes lead dialogues with someone else, in our own heads. The chosen ones translate those dialogues from their own heads in front of others' eyes. They are the storytellers. Most of us remember the meaningful dialogues that happened in our lives. Some of us are able to recall them vividly. The chosen ones are able to give them context and closure and to recreate them as narrations. They are the storytellers. This is a movie about the chosen ones. Indeed it is one fine story about the storytellers. But it is so much more than that: It is as much a movie about the gift of storytelling as a form of fine artisanship, as it is a movie about gift of storytelling as a vital part of all meaningful romantic relationships. Remember how they say that good old soul mates are able to finish each others' lines? Well what if they are able to go even further, and invent each others' lines, or scenes, hell even whole scenarios? Powerful relationship can work on so many levels! Such was my relationship with this movie: so many layers, oh so many levels. The last one is about the last resort, the human imagination. In every hardship, be it individual (such as loss), or collective (such as war) imagination offers a safe place, safer even than a war-shelter. (Btw this movie shows that imagination can be symbolically tied to the woman as both can be warm and cozy getaways). But more than that, in the time of trouble, the imagination is not only a passive getaway imagination can lead to salvation, by instigating heroism and humanism in people. This movie was about that. This movie did just that. At least for me! Biljana Gjoneska

Reviewed by Sameir Ali 17th January, 2017

Cinema in Cinema.

The story of a movie withing the movie during World War II. A lady has to be a part of the script writing for a movie. The movie is said to be a feminist comedy drama and I was lucky enough to watch the Red Carpet Premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival along with the Director (Lone Scherfig), producer and actor (Bill Nighy). Definitely a beautiful period movie with a some slight comic bits here and there, blended with heart touching sentimental scenes. Beautiful visuals; sound design and set design are wonderful. The performance of the actors are added to the quality of the movie. As the movie movies towards the cliche of a Hollywood ending, the director decides the other way. A major shocking twist. An unforgettable movie that will leave a mark in your heart. A must watch and highly recommended. #KiduMovie