USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage


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USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage
Release Date:
22nd September 2016
128 min
MPAA Rating:
Mario Van Peebles
Cam Cannon, Richard Rionda Del Castro
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Action - The harrowing true story of the crew of the USS Indianapolis, who were stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days after delivering the atomic weapons that would eventually end WWII. As they awaited rescue, they endured extreme thirst, hunger, and relentless shark attacks. - Nicolas Cage, Matt Lanter, Thomas Jane


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 0%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 52%
IMDb Rating 5.1


Matt Lanter as Bama
Nicolas Cage as Captain McVay
Thomas Jane as Adrian Marks
Tom Sizemore as McWhorter
Weronika Rosati as Louise

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikenontonmulu 26th September, 2016

Better than Expected

To my surprise I was actually enjoying the movie. I did not put up too high expectation as I was not sure what the movie was all about and as I said, there were not a lot of star power (except Nicolas Cage who sometimes can play in good movies, but sometimes not too good). This movie was not a war movie where you would be bombarded with the scenes of war through out the whole film. Instead it was more like a survival drama movie, with the war as background. The focus of the movie were on the crew of USS Indianapolis as well as the captain. Watching this movie made me read more about the history of Captain McWay (yes you can read in wikipedia about him as this film was based on true events and quite honoring the actual events). It was sad seeing his life story but also glad at the end. The movie had a lot of touching moments especially when they relate to those crew and the captain. The relationship between the crews, the sacrifice and even the love triangle between Bama, Mike and Clara were also nice to see. This movie was not having a large budget like other blockbuster movies and therefore please do not expect very high tech special effects. But that was not the main attraction anyway. So if you are looking for the kind of war movie with war scenes and cool special effects, perhaps the 2001 movie Pearl Harbor may suit you better. But if you are looking for a survival drama, then this one would totally be satisfying. In addition to the touching moments, there were of course some fun moments and suspenseful moments at the sea involving sharks. Those definitely made the audience (including my wife) screamed at times. Overall, I think this movie is worth to watch. This prove that it does not have to have a high budget to produce a good movie. But then again, this is my personal view. As usual, people may not be able to appreciate certain movies which other found entertaining and vice versa. For my complete review, pls read in

Reviewed by Alexander Zalessky 24th September, 2016

Sharknado 5

Men of Courage is not meant to be anything more than a generic mid- budget war movie with sharks, but it underdelivers even if you keep your expectations low. The script follows historical events pretty closely, but writing has lots of flaws, and romantic storyline is disappointing. Nicolas Cage gives a sensible performance, but his character doesn't move anywhere from "good captain" cliche. The writers add lots of voice-over narration to add depth to characters, which makes things worse. The Japanese captain is reduced to ridicule near the ending, where the two captains burst into tears while saluting each other. If you only look for special effects, war scenes and sharks wreaking havoc, this movie won't be any less disappointing. Warship effects are of acceptable quality (for television at least), but man-eating sharks are either roughly made CGI, or replaced with smaller sharks which are obviously harmless. Not a single scene shows sharks biting humans; edits carefully avoid that part. No attention is given to the actual details of shark species present on the site of USS Indianapolis demise. For a movie that closely follows actual events (and even includes documentary footage), Men of Courage has an unacceptable number of inaccuracies. It's also badly edited, with scenes interrupted and tied together in strange places. Two hours last like four. The story of USS Indianapolis appears more fascinating when you read the sources and memoirs, and it certainly deserves a better adaptation than one made by this movie's screenwriters.

Reviewed by deathhawk 13th September, 2016

I guess it could have been worse?

I wouldn't say that you shouldn't watch this film, although, I would defiantly say don't pay money to see it, or have high expectations. The effects were not very impressive, nor the props, sets, etc. it had a fake feeling about it. It was produced to the effect of being historical, but it seemed to skip important points, and embellish others. The story itself seemed to try to stuff in cliche sub-plots, a love story, a racial argument to fit the times, an officer vs. the crew, none of which seemed to fit. I couldn't get over the sharks being mostly great whites, when it is widely regarded the sharks were whitetips; I guess not as scary in Hollywood? The shark scenes themselves were reminiscent of a scifi movie, less the comedy, well it was comedic, depending on which light you see it in. I really won't touch on the acting, they made it on set, they acted, that's about it. It wasn't the worst film ever, but it could have used more heart, and less cgi great whites jumping out of the water, or maybe a whole lot more, and they could have called it USS Indianapolis vs. Jaws, in which case I would have scored it a 4 not a 2.

Reviewed by AudioFileZ 13th September, 2016

At Least A Decade Late, At Least It Got Made: A Good Movie That Deserves To Be Great

In time past movies like this would receive the blockbuster push as well as budget. I remember, for instance, the movie Pearl Harbor which had a big release with the current young actors/actresses of the day. Maybe this movie was shelved or something similar which caused it to be delayed until now. I would have thought the film would have come out in the early 2000's on the coattails of the bestselling book "In Harms Way" which caused a spike in public awareness of the USS Indianapolis and it's saga. I just get the feeling there was some delay in the big screen story finally being made to which it is sometimes seen in the lesser than current state of the art CGI and even the choice of side stories. In spite of the anything that may have been going on with getting a movie made about the USS Indianapolis I'd say it's better late than not at all. While the big things like the ill-advised decision to not allow a destroyer escort are depicted with truth and realism making the USS Indianapolis a sitting duck for disaster, I'm not sure if the fictional side stories concocted by the writers add as much? All in all even with the lessened production budget I enjoyed watching this movie. Even though he's past his prime, perhaps, Nicolas Cage did an admirable job of giving Lt. McVay that air of a great officer put into an almost impossible situation. It's literally a miracle the ship made the first leg of it's trip to deliver what would be not just a war ending cargo but a new age in which all the world would be thrust into. The crew of the USS Indianapolis deserve a movie to remember their sacrifice and since this is what we have I say see it. It's good enough if not exactly what they deserve. It can't be stressed that the final act of surviving captain McVay was needlessly tragic: the Navy being responsible for one more huge injustice.

Reviewed by 3xHCCH 25th August, 2016

Secrets, Survival, Sharks

Set in mid-1945 during World War II, the USS Indianapolis, led by Captain Charles McVay (Nicolas Cage), was secretly tasked to deliver parts of an atomic bomb (which would later be dropped on Hiroshima) unescorted to a naval base in the Pacific. Back in open sea after successfully delivering their cargo, the ship was torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Philippine Sea. The sailors spent five gruelling days with minimal supplies floating on life rafts in shark-infested waters. Only 317 of the original 1,196 crew members survive the ordeal. The first hour of the film was quite brisk and eventful. The main storyline was laid out within the first scene. The backstory about some of the young sailors were introduced, oddly not too much on McVay himself. The USS Indianapolis embarked on its mission, torpedoed and sunk all within that first hour. However, this meant that the entire second hour would only be dealing about the survival ordeal of the sailors among the sharks awaiting rescue. It got maudlin and repetitive after the first few shark attacks. This was definitely not the war action film people were expecting to see. The actors all seem to have come from the Nicolas Cage school of hammy acting. The major side story was about two friends who were in love with the same girl back home. Another side story was about a couple of sailors, one white, one black, constantly at odds with each other. There was also another side story about an arrogant young officer and his despicable attitude. All these rehashed side stories just served to fill out the rest of the running time before and after the sinking. The best actor for me would have to be Yutaka Takeuchi, the Japanese actor playing court-martial witness Commander Hashimoto, who displayed dignified subtly in his brief role. For its Philippine release, this film's subtitle "Men of Courage" was replaced with "Disaster at (sic) Philippine Sea." However, for Filipino moviegoers expecting to actually see some part of the Philippines or see Filipinos in action in this film, they will be disappointed. The Philippines was mentioned but was never actually shown except for scene labels to establish the location. There was an extra card interrupting the closing credits stating how the search for the wreck of the Indianapolis was undertaken in 2001 in cooperation with the Philippine government and National Geographic. That was all about the Philippines here, nothing more. 5/10.