War for the Planet of the Apes


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War for the Planet of the Apes
Release Date:
11th July 2017
140 min
MPAA Rating:
Matt Reeves
Mark Bomback, Matt Reeves
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Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 88%
IMDb Rating 8.1


Amiah Miller as Nova
Andy Serkis as Caesar
Karin Konoval as Maurice
Steve Zahn as Bad Ape
Woody Harrelson as The Colonel

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by larrymeers 17th July, 2017

Don't understand all the hate.

Before i saw this movie i looked at some people's opinions about it and i saw mostly negative reviews, so i was really nervous going into this movie thinking that i would have had the same reaction to it and seriously i have no idea what those people are talking about. So War for the planet of the apes is the 3rd film in the new prequel/Reboot of the planet of the apes movies. And this is about Caeser going on a journey to stop a war between his apes and an army of highly trained soldiers, while he also tries to control his more violent instincts. First the obvious, the CGI is amazing and is truly a technological marvel to cinema. Andy Serkis once again plays the ape ruler Caesar and is easily the best movie character in recent years, in each film he has gotten progressively better and in this one it is definitely the best performance. The story is great and is well acted throughout. This movie is also an amazing drama. There are a lot of moments that just make you jerk a tear every once in a while and its believable. The action sequences are pretty good too. Woody Harrelson plays the colonel and he does a pretty good job at it (He is not as good as koba but still good). He is just a character that you can relate to and you understand why he is doing all of this. Caesar and the colonel are pretty relatable. As much as i would love to say how great this movie is, i better stop right here. I loved every part of this movie and i did not find anything i did not like about it, but i am gonna talk about why i think most people were disappointed with this film. So if you watched all the trailers and looked at the title you may be expecting one thing, a ton of apes and humans fighting with guns and rockets. But although there is some of that in this movie, its definitely not the main point of it. This movie to its core is about the war that a person faces emotionally while war is happening around him. We see this concept with Caesar all the way through the movie. It also talks about what terrible things a person or people would do in a war. Woody Harrelson's character does what he does because he believes that the entire human race is going to go extinct if he does not act. I mean, would you do that if you knew that you could slowly be replaced by another species? So some people do not like this film because they were expecting a full on hardcore war movie. And it is that, but it really is a commentary about how a person has a war within themselves when war is happening around them. And people either missed, did not care, or did not understand the more darker themes about this movie. But anyway, in the end i thought this movie was a masterpiece in every way it could have been. It has amazing CGI, performances, action sequences, dark themes, tear jerking moments, and a beautiful moral to it. A+ or 10/10 APES TOGETHER STRONG!

Reviewed by sswilkinson 16th July, 2017

No, it's not really thought provoking, or a very good film at all.

I've seen the original Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowell, I've seen the remake with Tim Roth, I've seen thousands of films during my life. War for the Planet of the Apes seemed to me as simply a showcase for the digital ape effects. It's full of closeups of different digital ape faces against a blurry background. Af if it's 1957 and we should be marveling at new Disneyland animatronic characters. It's full of distant shots of digital chimps scurrying around. That's most of the movie. What people are saying is thought provoking, is a simple illustration of two groups in conflict. Draw comparisons to Nazis and Jews, black and white, Shia and Shi'ite, slave and slave owner. The same "thought provoking" questions arise. The only difference here is that it's put into a science fiction context - what if apes were as smart as humans? Well, what if cats were? Or squirrels? Had this been an action film, I'd say OK, it's an action movie and it's fine. But it isn't. It has some action, but is not an action film. It's mostly a very slow moving, dull, inarticulate drama. Inarticulate in two ways. A lot of the apes use sign language instead of speech, and the script is not clever or intellectual. A few flashes of well written dialog come up during an exchange between the Colonel (Woody Harrelson) and Caesar (digital ape) and that's all there is. Less than five minutes. The rest of the dialog is mainly focused on vengeance and war or merciful understanding. There's no complexity or intellectual stimulation here. I'm shocked that nearly all professional film critics give this movie a high rating and praise. Perhaps they all received $5,000 checks from the film studio.

Reviewed by alistairc_2000 14th July, 2017

Skirmish of the planet of the apes.

Pierre Boulle the French novelist wrote Planet of the Apes (Originally The Monkey Planet). A classic SF novel. In 1968 it was filmed and so started the cinematic journey which leads to this. I watched Battle for the Planet of the apes as a young man. I thought that this movie was going to be along the same lines as that movie. After all, all of the trailers pitch it as a war between the apes and man. I was really looking forward to it. I liked the last two movies. They were not as good as the original series but were still interesting SF movies in their own right. Also, everything has been better than the Tim Burton Planet of the apes. So I put on my 3d glasses and sat down in Wood Green London to watch the war that would change the face of the planet. So there is a brief skirmish. Then the head ape Corny (as the plot is) sets out to find those responsible for doing wrong to him (yawn). Bring on the WAR I thought. Then they ride around for a bit. Next, we get Escape from Colditz, the great escape or Prison Break. I am still waiting for the promised war. At that end, there is a battle. Not against the apes as they are all escaping. Though unfortunately none of them get on a motorcycle and try to jump over barriers. I walked out of the cinema and thought what a pile of dung. The 3d is pathetic. Really this is a movie that could have been good in 3d but wasn't. It is at least 40 minutes too long. Also, it is not the movie they promised. There are no wars in it. It is littered with mistakes. My favourite is the 350-pound gorilla on a horse. No, that horse would have been dead. Lastly and this is my normal grump. Why did it not say it was based on Planet of the apes by Pierre Boulle? No mention of him in this shamefully bad movie. I really wanted to like this movie. What I got was a movie that surpassed Burton's POTA's for the worst one in the series.

Reviewed by dncorp 14th July, 2017


So obvious that the writers Mark Bomback, Matt Reeves, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver know nothing about anything U.S. Military related. Author Pierre Boulle of 1963 La Planete des Singes, must be doing backflips in his grave. The original Planet of the Apes movies (1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973) were much better and closer to what the book was about. These Remakes (to cater to the Millennials (ages 18 to 39)) are just as disappointing as Tim Burton's Failed 2001 Remake, Planet of the Apes. War, what War?, more like a small skirmish. (Spoiler) At the Opening Scenes U.S. Military do NOT bunch up and get close together as one handgrenade, RPG, landmine will kill many. U.S. Military use Night Vision Devices to obtain a significant advantage, instead of rifle mounted flashlights with visible laser aiming devices. (Spoiler) U.S. Military do not choose places that give the Enemy ANY Tactical Advantages (at the bottom of a valley surrounded by mountains, low locations, places that can be flooded, flat terrain). They would never have been at a location subject to rock slides, nor avalanches. (Spoiler) Standard Operating Procedure U.S. Military do NOT Charge into Enemy Machineguns like World War 1, World War 2, Korean War. Current idea is to use Airstrikes, Cruise Missile Attacks, "Drone" Strikes, Field Artillery, Mortars, Grenade Launchers from a distance (out of Enemy Weapons Range) to completely eliminate the Enemy. Using these Fires the Enemy is trapped like in a trash compacter, with the Fires behind, to the flanks of the Enemy, with the Fires behind the Enemy preventing Resupply or Reinforcements (Ape Cavalry would have become horse meat dog food), the Fires behind the Enemy moves closer forcing the Enemy to leave their Defensive Positions and attack U.S. Military Machinegun fortifications and defensive positions, result the Enemy gets slaughtered. Humans have had Thousands of Years to develop the Art of War, the Apes nothing, yet the Movie Writers make the Apes appear to have Graduate from U.S. Military War College. Woody Harrelson, needs to go back to doing what he did best, that innocent ignorant Cheers Employee, not a Colonel, U.S. Military routinely does Psychological Exams, Woody Harrelson would have never made it from O-1 (Second Lieutenant) to O-2 (First Lieutenant) with all the blunders he made. The Authors need to stop using the successful Anti War movie Apocalypse Now 1979 as a template, and get creative with their own ideas. Watching this was like watching a Political Correct (script written by PETA, as Humans Bad, Animals Good) G Rated version of R Rated Apocalypse Now.

Reviewed by D-Defoe 13th July, 2017

Apes are the better humans now?

What I do not like about this movie is the basic message: Humans in comparison to animals cannot be trusted, they show no mercy, the animals reach the higher ethical ground and should survive and reign the world. How is the goal of this message achieved? First, the whole movie plot is filmed from the perspective of the ape- society, their families, their friends, their love and their sorrows. Unlike the perfectly arranged classical Charleton Heston movies in the 60s which bore a shock element in a dark post-nuclear, post-apocalyptic world, where mankind destroyed itself, this movie aims at showing the worthlessness of human beings. The little blonde girl whose father got shot dead by Cesar, didn't loose a single teardrop for her father, but after a short while befriends herself with the apes, starts crying for a dead gorilla, who gave her a flower, gives water and food to the imprisoned killer of her father, Cesar, and feels herself quite comfortable now growing up as a monkey daughter in the sense of a Tarzan, yet in a considerable lower social position. Second, other humans, except maybe for Woody Harrelson as a pittiful leader of a small company, do not have character depth in this movie, and are basically the enemies, and except for the little blonde girl, they all die, either killed by monkeys, by themselves, or by a snow avalanche. What a stupid movie! What a stupid message! Worthliness of human beings is being shown here. Of course the human is bad from nature (described as sinner), as the Bible tells us, but he is not worthless, and as Gods creation is above the animals. Here you see the perversion of this idea to the extent. Now to the ambiance: Cold, snowy, Alaska-like landscape, no cities, no larger Human or animal dwelling places. Most of the time 5 apes and the little blonde girl take the central part in the non-inhabited boreal wilderness on seek of revenge. The fights: starting with a tactical nonsense Human uphill assault with well equipped tactical weapons against spears and still being lost. Only 3 humans and a silver-backed Gorilla get captivated, and after a short interrogation get released by Cesar, but later become his fiercest enemies again. Major explosions quite in the end of this almost two hours movie. I spare to pinpoint the many flaws of the fights there, just dumb. Better title in this case would be: "War for the little ape reserve in the Northern Alaska (or whatever landscape it represented)" Cesar's portrayal - in the beginning: the good leader - in the middle: the bad revenge seeker - at last: and the ugly Spartacus in the workingcamp Conclusion of the movie: all humans dead (except girlie who feels herself as a monkey) and the long exodus to sunny monkey land next to a big evening-sun-bathed lake, where they all lived happily there after,...oh no, not all, Cesar finally died from his arrow wound, which he survived for the 1000 km trek through the deserts of death Valley (or whatever location it represented), with a last glimpse of his little monkey-boy playing with the little blonde human girl, he died right in the arms of his Orang-Utan friend Murksy, Mopsy...forgot the name. Bad. 1/10