Wind River


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Wind River
Release Date:
3rd August 2017
111 min
MPAA Rating:
Taylor Sheridan
Taylor Sheridan
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An FBI agent teams with the town's veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation.


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 94%
IMDb Rating 8.0


Apesanahkwat as Dan Crowheart
Jeremy Renner as Cory Lambert
Julia Jones as Wilma
Kelsey Asbille as Natalie
Teo Briones as Casey

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Troy_Campbell 11th August, 2017

A slow burning, provocative gem.

There has been next to no fanfare for the release of this murder mystery. Which is surprising, considering the talent involved in front of the camera (Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen) and behind it (writer-director Taylor Sheridan). Fresh from joining the ranks of top-tiered screenwriters after the amazing one-two punch of Sicario and Hell or High Water, Sheridan continues his stellar run with a heart-wrenching study of loss and grief wrapped in a taut crime thriller narrative. Also having a crack at directing, Sheridan allows the snowy Wyoming setting to completely envelope the characters in a world that feels like it has no exits, both physically and emotionally. When this Native American community is hit with a homicide it feels like another tragedy in a long line of tragedies; their shock is replaced with deeper sorrow, their outrage is replaced with solemn defeat. Entering the scene like a fish out of water, Olsen's junior FBI agent Jane Banner must traverse the tricky cultural complexities if she's to understand the clues in front of her. Luckily she has Renner's local hunter Cory Lambert to assist, himself battling with a past family disaster. Renner and Olsen are both in terrific form, the former hiding his grief under a stoic veneer, the latter balancing big-city attitude with a genuine desire to find justice for the victim. Veteran character actor Gil Birmingham is also superb as a father unsure of how to deal with his earth-shattering loss. If this all sounds a bit heavy, well it is, but Sheridan's careful to inject a healthy dose of suspense and mild action to keep the drama gripping rather than overbearing; the finale in particular turns the movie on its head in an unpredictable but extremely effective manner. An intelligent, slow burning and provocative viewing that enthrals from start to finish, Wind River is an understated gem that deserves an audience.

Reviewed by Rob Ervin (Obi_Bamm_Karaoke) 8th August, 2017

Well Directed, Beautifully Shot, And Quality Acting!

When actors decide they want to make the transition to the other side of the camera and direct films, it can be a dicey proposition. It makes me even more nervous when said actor to director decides they don't have the acting out of their system and want to keep acting, but with "Wind River," Taylor Sheridan (best known for "Sons of Anarchy," but also the writer of both "Sicario" and "Hell or High Water" with this completing his American Frontier Trilogy) separates himself in order to focus on directing a wonderful based-on-a-true-story tale. Jeremy Renner plays Cory Lambert, a tracker who works for the Fish and Game Commission in Wyoming who gets caught up in the investigation of the murder of a young Native American woman on a local reservation during a series of brutal snowstorms. He partners with FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) as they try to navigate the elements and even the law as it pertains to the reservation itself and a very thin law enforcement department headed up by Gen (Graham Greene). I know there is not much to the above summary, but that is all you really need to know about this film, besides the fact that I REALLY enjoyed it as one can do with the material involved. Make no mistake: this is a dark film that deals with very haunting subject matter, so there is quite a bit of weight to it, but Sheridan treats this story with the highest level of respect by allowing his very well written script to drive it while still shooting it beautifully. To see such beautiful landscaping (actually shot in Utah) take my breath away while still understanding the danger of what the elements bring from the wildlife to the weather and even the inhabitants add a great layer to the story, but what takes it to the next level is the score from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (not THAT Warren Ellis) that frames each and every scene perfectly without giving what is coming up ahead. From a performance standpoint, I really dug the way that both Renner and Olsen dialed it WAY back within their characters with Renner keeping Lambert simple and focused on the task at hand and Olsen showing how Banner is just trying to do the right thing while attempting to understand the situation she in AND asserting the authority she has representing the Bureau. Greene gives great balance and levity to their dynamic while keeping his character involved as a reminder of the heightened sensitivity of their situation. The Weinsteins' eye for film strikes again here, and I am also looking forward to where Sheridan's career behind the camera goes as well. For this being the second time he has helmed a film, this is incredibly impressive and should at least be on your "need to check out" list if not all the way to "must see".

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 6th August, 2017

One of the Best Movies Playing Right Now in Theaters!!!

An FBI agent teams with a town's veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation. Wind River was one of those films that i did not expect to actually go and see in Theaters but i'm so glad that i did this is a small budget indie movie and something very much different than Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen usually do especially since they both star in 'Avengers'. This is more of a character study drama than your regular action film and it packs some great heavy performances especially from the 2 main leads in fact Renner delivers his lines with a terrific way, his role isn't just dramatic but he can pull some actual punches of his own both as an actor and as a character, Olsen is kind of the rookie type of character but she is not weak or a character that is annoying in a sense of way she can actually pull off the acting chops just as good as Renner and both of them should get nominated for something until the end of the year, Gil Birmingham and Graham Greene also gave 2 terrific performances as well and you do get some great moments from the Native American Culture. Like i said this is more of a character study drama about fathers and daughters and how a parent learns how to overcome or basically try to understand that his child won't come back also there are some great suspenseful scenes and some really great action sequences that will totally blow you away, the direction that the movie takes is very good and it's full of great shots left and right plus there's an unexpected cameo from a fan favorite actor and the whole 'who did it' scenario is clever even tho we have seen it many times before. Overall this is a great movie and i would totally recommend you to go and see it in Theaters but just know what to expect this isn't Avengers 3 it's a film about an awful tragedy and a bunch of brave people who wanna know what the hell happened. (A+)

Reviewed by 1st August, 2017

Suspenseful! A perfect thriller!

The screenwriter who gave us "Sicario" and "Hell or High Water" has come back with "Wind River" which he also directed and I am now convinced more than ever that Taylor Sheridan is one of the best storytellers of our time. There's something about his thrillers that are just so cunning and sharp and profound, like a great American classic, even novelist Dennis Lehane probably couldn't come up with materials that are as skillfully played as this. And with "Wind River" Sheridan's personal artistry mission to do some effort to right the wrongs that the system has committed against the Native Americans, continues. The story is about a rookie FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who teams up with a tracker/hunter (Jeremy Renner) with a tragic past in order to investigate the murder of a local girl on a remote Native American Reservation. Sheridan has tackled themes surrounding the Native Americans before but with this latest one, it's not so much that he's preaching about it but he ties it into this entire fabric of community where you sense the clash between outsiders and locals, between whites and natives, so there's a level of frustration about that arises from this murder investigation that brings up all kinds of cultural suspicions, on top of which there's also a game of jurisdictions. It's a complex yet cleverly woven thriller that starts out as a whodunit and evolves into a thirst for retribution. And the fact that it's set in a very cold harsh environment just adds to the film's chilling effect. In many ways, Elizabeth Olsen performs here like Jodie Foster's Clarice Starling where at some points you kinda know that Olsen's character may be out of her elements, but at the same time that factor actually gives her a good vantage point. Jeremy Renner plays his character like an old timer western hero who knows the ins and outs of everything, a man of few words but gets tough when needed. Their dynamic is not some kind of odd couple cop duo, this is more like each of them trying to prove themselves while bringing justice to the family of the unfortunate girl. And the way Sheridan crafts the mystery from a small radius to a much larger scheme is one that will have you hooked. "Wind River" is highly suspenseful, it's a perfect thriller. -- Rama's Screen --

Reviewed by wlk68 23rd June, 2017

Taylor Sheridan has done it again

I was lucky enough to see this at the Nantucket Film Festival back in June and I thought it was excellent. And based on the response of the people around me in the packed theater, I wasn't the only one. The applause at the end was loud and long. The movie ended up coming in second at the festival, right behind behind The Big Sick. I enjoyed it as much as, if not more than, Hell or High Water. Definitely more than Sicario. The scenery, the score, the dialogue and the acting were all on point. Some of Jeremy Renner's best work. He's been spending so much time playing spy and superhero lately that I think people tend to forget that he was nominated for Hurt Locker and The Town. His performance here is even better. I definitely plan to see it again in wide release.